Your Opinions and/or Advice

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    Your Opinions and/or Advice
    Remembering back at your tour or tours in Vietnam, what would you like to say to our troops over in "their war zone" if you had a chance?

    This question also applies to you Civies to do the same.


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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    Weeell lets see,
    Keep busy(to fight boredom),do the job in a proficient manner, be aware of your surroundings, and stay alert at all times.
    Pay attention now and you'll be alive later to tell your war stories.

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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    Good one. As one who may be mobilized (for the 1st time) and could be very close to the "front lines", any advice is welcomed.

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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    Don't bitch about filling sandbags---it is not just a job for the E-2 and 3's---it is amazing how much the troops will admire the 8's and 9's when they get out there and help. About the time you think those berms of bags are high enough, stack on two more layers---same applies for the outside latrines---it's called THE COMFORT ZONE---. You higher ranked troops don't have to burn out the latrine buckets---those jobs are deserving of the ones assigned to do it---just stress to them to take pride in their work, no matter how 'shitty'!!! Wilborn

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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    If its a hole you must dig .....



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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    and from someone who has never been out in the field except for bivouac in basic training.........besure to make those bullets count!!!!!!!!!! Remember, if you should have to go we want to see you return back to us. Give em some hell from us to!!


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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    Keep your head down & your powder dry!

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    Your Opinions and/or Advice
    I would say ...THANK YOU!


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    Re: Your Opinions and/or Advice
    Do your job and your duty, but never forget it's war.
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    gulf war ll

    as my little brother said when he returned from afghanistan
    thanks for the communications, and e-mail, and toilet paper.
    it all ment a lot. now give me another g*&*^*&m beer.

    NEVER FORGET:cool:

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    I can relate to that poncho .....

    Glad he made it back safely ... ;)

  4. My best friend here is a member of the Louisiana National Guard, serving in the 1083rd Transportation Company. They were activated, and after about 8 weeks at Ft. Polk, LA were sent to Kuwait. He turned 50 in Iraq. Rank is Spec.4, and the "kids" in his company call him the Command Spec.

    They hauled damn near everthing that needed hauling, from M1A1 Abrams to bottled water, from the port in Basra to wherever, Iraq.

    Right after they got over there, he got email privelages, and asked me what advice I had for him. I emailed him back with the following advice:
    1. Keep your head on a swivel and always check your six.
    2. Take care of the man on your immediate left and immediate right. Pray that they do the same.
    3. When in a populated area remain totally alert, totally polite, and totally prepared to kill everyone you see.
    4. Contrary to command orders, there is no such thing as too much ammo.

    I fired those pearls of wisdom off to him and got a reply a few days later saying that his LT wanted to know if I had any more wisdom to share.

    You have to understand that these trucks only run about 45 miles per hour, so they were subject to attack at almost any time they were in Iraq. A convoy was as few as 12 vehicles, and sometimes as many as 100. The trucks had fiberglass cabs, no armor, no fire power except for the M-16's and M-4's and the one company SAW. When they were hauling the Abrams or Bradley's they had man on the M2 (Ma Deuce) 50 caliber. They came under attack almost every time they were out. They had no air cover until the last six weeks that they were there, and he said that if they had to go through Mosul and/or Falluhjah that they were definitely going to be attacked.

    The one story he related to me was about a run they were on, and after passing through Falluhjah on their way to Baghdad they came under fire right after a roadside bomb went off. Six haji's in a Ford Excursion came tearing out of a grove of palm trees, AK's blazing. Ev said that they were waiting for them, and expended over 400 rounds in less than six seconds. He also said that he had no idea an Excursion could be, literally, cut in half with less than six rounds out of a 50. They killed all the bad guys but one. Wounded by a 50 cal, no less. They literally shot his ass off.

    Other than that, he doesn't say much, and I'm giving him plenty of room and time to decompress. All 285 that were activated and deployed came home, they didn't lose one person.

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    Thank God for their safe return, John.
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    my nephew was on of the few brave para troopers that jumped w/the 173rd into iraq. being a former paratrooper myself i was very proud of him when he came home i took im out and we got tore up AIRBORNE style. he told me that he lived off his letters and giftpacks. to quote him "BABY WIPES WHERE LIKE A GIFT FROM GOD". He recently got re-deployed back to the sand pit. my prayers go out to all american troopes where ever they are.
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    Welcome To All Of You!

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    Good to see the new people on board......Welcome!

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    I would say to them, that the people in the USA, give thanks to GOD for their skills and efforts being used in Irag and Afghanistan.

    I would tell them all, that the RED, WHITE & BLUE flys high at my front porch in their honor. I would tell them, AMERICA is proud to call you son's and daughters....AMEN!!!
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