zouave rifle

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  1. sewerman

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    historical trekking forum has one for sale:

    Shawnee Mike

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    Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:35 pm Post subject: Italian Zouave Rifle


    58 CAl. Second to me, But i believe unfired (or extreamly little) 425.00 Shipped

    incase anyone is liiking for one

  2. ElvinWarrior

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    Thanks for the "Heads Up" SewerDude...

    I've a been a hankerin on those fer a powerful long times now... Maybees I jes might a git me one !!!


    ElvinWarrior... aka... David, "EW"

  3. jim brady

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    Sep 22, 2009
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    David - Those Zouave rifles are pretty nice, and there are plenty makers out there who have great quality for reasonable prices. I started off with a cheap version, then later bought a Lyman made, then a Navy Arms Zouave. Both were equal in workmanship and quality. $425 shipped is a fair price, I think around $350 for a good used one is about right, but of course that would be local and without shipping.

    One thing I'd caution you on. If you are buying one for historic reasons, you may consider an 1861 Springfield reproduction musket. Back in the 70s when Zouave's were popular, they were hyped as "a highly sought after prize by both Union and Confederate soldiers and superior to the Springfield". Turns out that the "Zouave" is a copy of the 1863 Remington musket, and not many were used or documented as being used during the Civil War. I've never read where the Remington was an official issue musket anywhere, and I've looked.

    That being said, every one I've owned or shot has performed well.
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  4. sewerman

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    my first B.P. gun was a kit zouave from sears robuck! & $87.00 catalog ordered.

    antoli zoli maker which is supposed to have been some of the best produced.

    that rifle has long been sold.........damn I feel old?

  5. Hawg

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    Mar 23, 2011

    Welcome to the club.:p
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