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    Real Custom Ammunition

    Overheard at a gun show sometime in the distant past.

    “Where can I get bullets for that old gun? I’d sure like to have one like that!”

    "Well sir, to my knowledge there is no one who loads ammunition today for the old rifle. I don’t believe it was ever loaded in the United States.”

    The conversation carried on with the potential buyer bewailing the fact that cartridges were unavailable and how much he wanted the rifle. The dealer apologized once or twice then told the wannabe buyer...
  2. Beagles, Bunnies Beagles, Bunnies & Black Powder



    Shoot! There he goes!

    You shoot it, my boys and I do this every weekend during the season.

    No! I want to see you shoot a rabbit with that thing!

    By then the rabbit was already gone and the dogs were hot on the trail. I told Jerry I would take it on the second go ‘round.

    I was hunting rabbits with my good friend Jerry James, a recently retired Missouri Highway Patrolman, and “that thing” he wanted to see me shoot a rabbit with was my Pedersoli, 12 ga., percussion, muzzle...
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    Muzzleloaders from the Top

    When I hear or use the word “muzzleloader” it conjures up images of a Swiss Mountaineer scaling the Alps in search of chamois. A German or Austrian Jaeger in pursuit of wild boar or stag, a “stiff upper lipped” Brit in one of England’s many colonies in Africa or the Indian sub-continent or Ceylon chasing elephant or tiger. By no means restricting it to European powers it reminds me of the early German/Austrian/Swiss immigrant gunsmiths to our country. At first they were making their...