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    Shoot! There he goes!

    You shoot it, my boys and I do this every weekend during the season.

    No! I want to see you shoot a rabbit with that thing!

    By then the rabbit was already gone and the dogs were hot on the trail. I told Jerry I would take it on the second go ‘round.

    I was hunting rabbits with my good friend Jerry James, a recently retired Missouri Highway Patrolman, and “that thing” he wanted to see me shoot a rabbit with was my Pedersoli, 12 ga., percussion, muzzle...
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    Muzzleloaders from the Top

    When I hear or use the word “muzzleloader” it conjures up images of a Swiss Mountaineer scaling the Alps in search of chamois. A German or Austrian Jaeger in pursuit of wild boar or stag, a “stiff upper lipped” Brit in one of England’s many colonies in Africa or the Indian sub-continent or Ceylon chasing elephant or tiger. By no means restricting it to European powers it reminds me of the early German/Austrian/Swiss immigrant gunsmiths to our country. At first they were making their...