Bloodthirsty Squirrels

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  1. hunter29180
    I once took a friend and his disabled father on a simple squirrel hunt.

    Well, both my friend Ray and I thought it would be simple. We had hunted deer, rabbit, and squirrels on this small farm in rural Virginia for about 2 years. So, when Ray's father came for a visit and lamented that since he was on a cane and had bad knees, he could not hunt anymore! Ray and I took it as a challenge to allow his Father to hunt once again.

    It was on a Wednesday and we started preparations. First, to get his Dad legal with a non-resident hunting permit. Then to decide what section to take him hunting on. We figured it all out and obtained permission from the farmer to hunt that Saturday with Ray’s Dad.

    Saturday dawned, sunny and bright with just a whisper of wind to stir the fallen leaves. Enough to cover soft footsteps as the leaves rustled beneath our feet. We entered the woods about 7 am and by 7:30 had nestled down in a semi-circle to cover our hunting area. The area covered about 600 yds. of a ravine where Ray and I had hunted before. This ravine seemed to have hundreds of squirrels around it! the Acorns, Beechnut, and Pecans were thick this year and the tree rats were overactive in gathering them up before the chipmunks beat us to all of them! over a 3-hour period all 3 of us filled our bag limit easily. We had even seen 3 deer pass through munching on acorns.


    So, Ray and I decided to let his Dad sit on the ridge while he and I went down and gathered our bounty. We sit him at the base of a large Oak tree and leaned his 22 rifle in the crook of a deadfall about 5 ft. away. The day was turning warm and his dad was mopping his brow just climbing the 20 or so feet to the Oak.

    With Ray's dad settled and the rifles, all secure in the crook of the deadfall, Ray and I worked our way down to the bottom and retrieved our squirrels making sure we did not miss any ( we had kept careful count of each one shot). As we were starting back up the hillside we heard Rays Dad Bellow (I think the farmer heard him a 1/2 mile away as he met us at our vehicle!). Ray and I literally ran to the top of the ridge, at least 60 ft. to the top at a steep angle! We topped the ridge to see his Dads arms and legs flailing around as if he was being attacked by bees! As we ran closer we saw one squirrel jump from Rays Dads head and scamper up the tree! Blood was running down his dad’s face and the air around him was blue with cuss words! As he gained his feet he GLARED at both Ray and me and stomped off towards where we had parked the Van. Leaving Ray and me to gather the rifles and his cane to follow. Finally, we were at the van where the farmer pulled up and approached. We finally got the story of what had happened.


    In Rays Dads own words, " I have hunted all my life and never have been attacked by any animal until today! Here I was sitting and enjoying the day and this rabid squirrel attacked me! It ran down my face and between my legs, the ****** drew blood across my face, as I struggled to get up or get to my rifle! Then he came at me again! I fought him off finally but he raked my face several more times, before getting away! I got out of those woods as fast as I could! I will never again hunt squirrel again! They are just too bloodthirsty for me!"

    Rays father visited several times after but refused to hunt with Ray and me again. Not even turkey or deer could entice him into the woods again. We guess he was also afraid those animals would try to take revenge on him!

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