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    You guys have seen my steel target stand a time or two. Right now, is a perfect time to write about my setup as I'm putting together another stand that's 10" taller. Old stand was 28", new 36"




    This stand can be taken down for transport in less than a minute, and back together in 2-3. Moving the entire stand 100 yards by hand is certainly doable. Although for long moves I'll usually throw it in a wagon or the pickup, depending on how far it's going. As a side note, the setup (dissembled) could even be weaseled into a car.
    The stand, what's needed:
    1. One 1-1/2" x 60" galvanized pipe (36" is fine for only two steel targets). A section of 1-7/8" OD steel pipe (.188" wall) will save money, if available.​
    2. One 2" or 2-1/8" hole saw​
    3. Four 3" or 4" lag screws and a 1/4" drill bit to pre-drill​
    4. Two 36" and two 32" pieces of wood.​
    5. And a drill, of course​
    I'm using oak 2x4" (actual size) for the legs and 2x2" for feet. Standard 2x4's would work but will be destroyed by bullet fragments at a faster rate. For standard 2x4's, I'd recommend sandwiching two for each leg to avoid breaking from an impact of the larger calibers, and a long lifespan against fragments.

    Put a centered mark 4" from the end of each leg and start cutting there with the hole saw. You may have to flip the leg and cut from the other side to finish the hole.

    stand4.jpg stand5.jpg

    Attach the feet with your lags. I'm using 5/16" x 4" SPAX Powerlags. I love these things.​

    stand6.jpg stand7.jpg stand8.jpg



    Attaching the targets, what's needed:
    1. Bolts (1/2" x 1-1/2")
    2. Nuts
    3. Washers
    4. Two 3/4" wrenches
    5. 1/4" grade 30 chain (1300 lb. max load)
    6. Quick links
    7. A way to cut chain links (angle grinder and cut-off wheel for me)

    Note: Some steel targets can be ordered with heavy duty rubber straps, which can be used in place of a chain.

    Count back to the eleventh link and cut it. This will leave ten links to work with. Put a quick link through one end of the cut-off and through the fourth link from the other end.

    stand12.jpg stand13.jpg stand14.jpg

    Attach chains to the targets.


    Attach chains to the targets..


    All the targets shown here are laser cut AR500 steel. I bought them from a seller on Amazon, but they can be found elsewhere. The two 8" and the 12" are 1/2" thick to withstand heavy-hitting rifles. The two 3" targets are 1/4" (fun for plinking with a 22).


    Slide the chains over the galvanized pipe.


    Here it is completed.

    stand19.jpg stand20.jpg

    I had almost everything already on hand so it was very cheap to build. Buying everything (excluding targets) should cost $50-75, depending on what and where you buy.

    It’s a fun project and it works great.

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