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    1. kutaho
      I know, but i could just see it. Ya see, mess with me and i'll give ya
      the ratatatat.
      I used ta do 50, did PN duty in port. Fun time when we were under way
    2. kutaho
      For some reason 'Fingers Malone' popped inta my noggin.
    3. ARB
      It's the age old battle of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. My, father doesn't even know he has a grandson. Should my son have to deal with that empty slot because of my emotional scars and stubborness? Well, the simple answer is, no. At the same time, I couldn't handle my son being rejected. (What decent parent could?) It will be worked out soon. Frankly, I'm tired of it weighing on me.
      4EvrLearning, I appreciate the tenderness you have shown. It is nice to have an outside perspective. Thank you.
    4. Archie
      I can see the smoke from where I work, and I live far south of the fires. Happily, I can't even smell smoke. However, two years ago we had ash falling gently due to the wind. I live in Long Beach - south end, so to speak.

      God Bless firefighters!

      I don't know why, but I press 'buttons' and nothing happens. Then I try again and it works! Amazing.

      Again, it is nice to meet you.

      Your servant,
      The Oldman, Himself
    5. kingnothingugm
      I've been really busy. I've been watching forums i just haven't been logging in. I have a pretty regular schedule now though so I have plenty of time to get on. Things have been pretty hectic for almost a year but I think they are starting to slow down. Anyway...good to be back and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot from me now that I'm back.
    6. Archie
      Hello Miss 4Evr.
      I've accepted your friendship offer, I think. I clicked the box and hit the enter key. Sigh... this may be why I favor revolvers.

      At any rate, it is nice to make your acquaintance.

      I am, your servant,

    7. PunjabiPillbox
      Well said, and well met! And thank you, humbly for the gratitude, it is shared well here on this site, certainly no lack of veterans here. And- the constitution... (*sigh*) somehow it seems as though no matter how direct and poignant the architects of our nation were, it could not be enough today.. But that is why we are here.......

      Ha!- philosophy? Right back at ya!
    8. PunjabiPillbox
      I hope you don't think I'm actually my alter- ego? I'm a former Marine, and I love my GOD, my guns, and my Country... sheesh... I won't play any jokes on here though for a loong time that's for sure...:o:o:o I think what was misconstrued is the fact that it is so hard to get a lot of the liberals I know to listen to reason, and I was conveying to you just that I know how hard it is to not just get angry, but to pursue genuine conversation... I don't know if that was very clear, but I thank you again for taking up the good fight here, hope to have more good conversations in the future.. :):cool::)
    9. PunjabiPillbox
      Thanks for the welcome- it's a rare place that I don't feel like a nut... ha ha... Understanding is a vacant word to too many people. But anyway, yeah, I 'was' Iskandjer..
    10. PunjabiPillbox
      Hey, just wanted to offer a personal apology for the "Iskandjer" thread. I believe you were one of a couple who absolutely sincere when it came to the heart of the matter,(more so than I would've been) and I'm very appreciative of that. It was probably a little early in my membership here to be sc***in' with people... At any rate thanks for the sentiment, and to capitalize on your handle- it was (somewhat) based on conversations with former soviet- bloc Azerbaijanis. For whatever reason they own Haditha Dam in Iraq, I believe because they built it for them. For the most part, they were astounded by 'tales of America'... only mention NYC to them and they would get all excited, asking for pictures like a kid..
    11. UncleFudd
      Yes it is very difficult but I am not sure that the new pres and his minions are going to allow businesses such as mine to remain. I sincerely hope so and if so that we are not so heavily regulated that we can no longer shoot and enjoy ourselves.

      I have taken the time and expense over the past two or three years to put in new upgraded backstops which allow us to shoot anything up to and including 3006. So we shoot rifles, pistols, shotgun and full auto now including rentals of M16 full auto, HK MP5 full auto with suppressor and HK g3 full auto. People go crazy to be able to rent and shoot full auto and our rentals are extremely busy all the time.
      My point is that they could stop so many of the guns people now own or stop them being able to store them in their own homes or place such restrictive taxes on all weapons and ammo that we can no longer afford them.

      It is truly scary to watch the people of this once proud nation let these fools take the country over a cliff and do nothing to stop it. I truly hope we wake up before it is too late to change what is happening.
      But as you said, I have a wonderful relationship with the kids who are buying it and they are giving me lifetime, free shooting and all classes free for life.
      I will be able to help them and also keep sharp with my shooting for self defense.
      They are both just like my own sons and they absolutely love my wife so it is a good thing and it takes some of the sting out of losing something that I built from a dream to a very successful business in spite of the fouls the govt. has thrown me all along.

      Take care my friend and again I thank you for the very special thoughts and statements. They are very much appreciated.
      Stay safe, and we pray that your loved ones are well and happy also.

    12. UncleFudd
      I have been out of pocket so to speak and did not read my mail until this morning.
      I received a "Happy Birthday" from the leaders of the forum and was so surprised that I nearly fell over.
      Anyway I sincerely hope you did not think I was ignoring you, I did not even know about this type of messaging until I clicked on my notice.

      I thank you very much for the kind words and it makes me feel very good to know that anything this old man has to say might be of interest to someone.
      I promise that nothing I say or have said or will say is flowered or enhanced and usually only from absolute and first hand experience if that makes a difference.
      I have been fortunate to have spent 27 years in corporate America and then the past 21 years as the proud owner of my own indoor shooting range.
      I planned and built it and have operated it 7 days a week since 19988 as the first state of the art indoor range in Arizona.

      I am now in the process of selling it to my manager and I can tell you it is with a great deal of sadness as I have gained some of the finest friends anywhere in the world and they have given me the most valuable and sincere experiences that a man could encounter in life and I will sorely miss thosse situations.

      It is from those same experiences that I am able to write or share their knowledge for others in the hope that something said or learned will be of value to others as it has often been to me.

      So again, my sincere and humble expression of gratitude for your remarks, accordingly.

      have a wonderful day and I hope all is well with you and your loved ones wherever you may be.

      Kenny woodward
    13. Teejay9
      Ugh!! These California haters!! I could name a few states that I wouldn't even want to drive through, but I don't get on them for being a bunch of yahoos. They think we're all whacked out out here, like we don't actually have a history or anything to be proud of. We live in a beautiful place that has lot's to offer. I guess that's why everyone wants to come here. I wouldn't want to live in Buffalo or Philly. What would we do in Fargo? Good posts, keep on defending us California freedom lovers. TJ
    14. XShooter
      I sure do! I enjoy a lot of old music - especially swing. I used to play the saxophone until it got stolen.
    15. TranterUK
      You are very kind. A sense of humour and blind optimism are the only reasons I am still here!
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