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    1. Alpo
      My feet hurt
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    2. 2bit

      I saw on an old post that you have a couple of Model 1892 rifles. I am conducting a research survey of these rifles and would like to add your guns into my work. You can read about the effort here: http://forums.*************/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=606355

      Feel free to contact me via the email address in that link.

      Thanks so much for the help
    3. gemihur
      Did you ever shoot a 358x444 improved done up by David White?
    4. BETH
      why are u not on my friends list???????????????
    5. 76Highboy
      Chat room in 5 min.
    6. fleetwood1976
      Hey alpo, Called up Roy jinks. He concurs that the gun has been re-nickeled. He says that kills any collector value and not to worry about lettering it and enjoy shooting it. I agree to a point. but it is still a 1957 4 screw with a five inch barrel. Even in low grades if books for good money. so I really don't know how to value, but since I am not selling it, it really doesn't matter. roy was very nice and was more interested in my other rightous old smiths and wanted to see pics of them. He must really like smith and wessons. he can't seem to see or talk enough about them. just thought i would give you an update, didn't win the lottery with this one but now a days it is getting harder to find 4 screw pre 29s under a grand anyway.
    7. fleetwood1976
      Alpo, I know you are a smith and wesson fan. I have a question, I picked up a 4 screw Pre-29 with a 5 inch barrel in nickel this week at a pawn shop. They took in a large collection of brownings and about 6 handguns. Since I buy a lot from them they gave me a preview, before they are able to be leagally sold. It is very minty, 98% or better. stocks are diamond target but not coke bottle. all serial numbers are matching, so i would think the barrel length would be authentic. It does not appear to be re-nickeled.

      my question is, will smith and wesson tell you how the gun left the factory by the serial number and make or do I have to buy a factory letter. The serial number is S 174207, by cross referencing the blue book and Standard catalog of smith and wesson I am comming up with a late 1957 production. If you factor in premiums for a five inch nickel pre-29 4 screw you come up with $6,000. Do you really think that is realistic. I had to give them $1061 tax and all, can't pick up till next friday though. that is the most I have ever spent on a gun, but they had it listed as a modern 29 classic. I don't think they knew what they had. Let me know if you think I need a factory letter or just call them.
    8. XITMAN
      I'm new here. Was wondering if you could help me with a fairly technical question regarding a Winchester model 1890 that I am considering to buy? I'll put it out here and you can tell me if you can or can't or maybe who can. This is a near 90% original case hardened second model ser. No. 29690. The bbl. is 24 3/8", which I assume was left over from the first model run. Question: since there are no proof marks on bbl. or receiver and the "22 short" inscription on the bbl. comes right up to the receiver where proof mark would usually be, is it feasible or common to have an early second model without any proof marks? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Sincerely
    9. Javelin
      Hi Alpo, I saw a post of yours from 3/16/09 re s&w .32 31-1 model revolver, and I have been trying to find a speedloader for the weapon. Though it seems to have been a police issued firearm, there is nothing avail apparently. Do you have any info? BTW, my serial number is only 5 digits, and I did not see that option in your post, though I may have missed something. New to this forum, thanks for any info, j
    10. delljr88now
      Do you have any info for me about date or value of my S&W 44 Mag ?

    11. D.GAD
      thanks for the info but the data on those tables are not for cast bullets they only show for the XTP (jacketed), I want to find info for cast bullets for both 357 and 44
    12. btshnmt
      I thank you very much for the response. I just got off the phone with them and no luck. If you would please keep me in mind.
      Many thanks.
    13. btshnmt
      I have been fishing through the Husqvarna forums in search of a good barrel for my "Husky" from "Tradewinds" 30.06
      You seem to be the resident guru on these guns. I wonder if you have any ideas for me.
      I can't tell you how much I love this gun but the firing chamber has what my gunsmith thinks might be a manufacturing fault that holds the casing from being extracted as it should. He ran a reamer in there and removed enough of the blemish that now it works as it should, however he said that it would likely get worse again in the future. He said he can set the barrel back by two threads but that will only remove "most" of the problem. I want to get this gun to the point where I, nor the young people to follow in my footsteps will ever have an issue.
      I appreciate your time.
    14. lentz
      Another day here at the office
    15. pawn
      Hey Alpo, is your avatar speedy gonzoles's mellow cousin "Slow Polk Rodriguez"?
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