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    1. Toad791
      Hey Big Shrek, I just joined this forum and did some searching on my 989 m2. from the looks of it you seem to have some experience with this rifle. I'm having an issue with it.
      1. Big Shrek
        Big Shrek
        Basically they're the same as a Marlin 795, so you may use the same springs & mags. Feel free to send me a PM for questions.
        Feb 17, 2018 at 9:22 PM
    2. Big Shrek
      Big Shrek
      Nope, the Magtech is the same as the Mossberg 7022.
    3. mr.t7024
      Is the bolt buffer on the Marlin 795 and the Magtech 7022 the same or can it be modified to fit the 7022, thanks Cliff
    4. Capt Mac Turk
      Capt Mac Turk
      Hey Big Shrek.
      I tore down my Model 60 awhile back & thought I had it back perfect next time out NO Bang.
      Well FUZEBOX took his apart & over the phone we discovered theres a tiny spring that resets the Sear (It was NOT there) well I got it from Numrich now its working fine EXCEPT the Last shot hold open is NOT working. Any Ideas what might be causing this? its a 30 yr old 18 in the tube gun (When I got it it was still in the orignal box with the Scope) I dont think there was 100 rounds threw it.
      LOL I put 850 threw it yesterday!
      REMINTON fires Perfect,, everyting else I start getting Stove pipes one or two per tube.
      Rem 550 99% NO prop Same with CCI's 99%
      So from now on I'll only shoot those.
      I cant beleave how simple this gun is to tear down & I love it LOL & the best part I traded 3 old fishing reels that been in my shed for Years for it!
      Thanks for any Info in advance
      Capt. Mac
    5. fastbluetruck
      hi there my name is charlie. isee that you know alot about marlins, so i need to see if is possible that you can help me out possibly. i have my dads old model 81dl and somewhere along the way the inner tube for the magazine was lost. i have tried several different inner tubes and none seem to work. i was wondering if you might have some clue as to what length the tube should be before the plunger. i am having feeding issues with all of the inner tubes that i have tried so before i look into it any more i think i should aleast get the right one frist. any help would be greatfully accepted, thanks charlie
    6. duckyherman
      Hello. I am new to this site. I have a couple questions, and you seem to know your stuff. I have a marlin model 60 .22 I am interested in putting a folding stock on it, and I have seen it done with a few modifications to accomodate the feed tube. IF I am correct "I thought" I had read that I could use a Ruger 10/22 folding stock if I cut a notch in the end of the stock for the feed tube, and make a cover for the spot where the magazine would go. Is this possible? or do you have any idea where I could find one?? I have been looking for months!
      1. Big Shrek
        Big Shrek
        Ruger 1022's are a half inch wider, and have a different trigger guard, other than that, it's all in your Modifications Skills :)
        Feb 17, 2018 at 9:24 PM
    7. Big Shrek
      Big Shrek
      Pretty easy, you just cut out a hole for the LSHO (Last Shot Hold Open) lever to pass thru, and take a wee bit of material off the inside of the stock where the lever arm slides between the action & stock.

      Check my post on doing just that...with pics in these a search ;)
    8. Xombi
      I saw you had a post on the forums with your marlin 794 in the ram line lock arm stock. I just purchased the same stock for my marlin, and was wondering how you got yours to fit into it. Thank you for your time.
      1. Big Shrek likes this.
      2. Big Shrek
        Big Shrek
        With the Ramilne Marlin 70 stock, it's a drop in. However, it does work better if you pillar bed it.
        Feb 17, 2018 at 9:26 PM
    9. pops42
      now that is a nice one, i recken that i'll just keep looking round here at the gun shops the fella i get most of my guns from is trying to find me a good used one. hopefully he will if yall happen to run up on one where yall are at i would appreiciate a haller back.pops42
    10. pops42
      hi, i have been looking for a pump 22LR for a while now, the only one i can find is a henry, but was wanting to see other ones so i can have more than one to choose from. pops42
    11. Big Shrek
      Big Shrek
      Yep, just about any clicky pen spring will do.

      Especially those from Gov't Issue pens...:D
    12. Woodie
      Hi You had told me awhile ago about a paper mate spring to lighten trigger pull on my bolt action Marlin. I have never been able to find that particular pen. Would a spring from another model work also? Thanks Woodie ( I've got three Marlin's now so it's getting more important. All three are SS 22 lr, 17 Mach 2 and just got a 22 Mag for fathers day. They shoot great but the triggers are pretty heavy compared to some of my other guns.
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    13. pawn
      thanks for your advise on fte's with my Marlin 75c. bending the ejector wire slightly inward and upward resolved my problem.... now she hums along just fine :D

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