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Apr 7, 2006
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    1. Rae Harrison
      Rae Harrison
      Hi Bill, I'm kind of new at this.... I'm looking for a retired engraver by the name of William Capshaw. He was my dad's Captain in Vietnam in the 1st Air Cav
      1. Bill DeShivs
        Bill DeShivs
        Apr 27, 2017
    2. Bill DeShivs
      Bill DeShivs
      Master cutler
    3. Bill DeShivs
      Bill DeShivs
      Master cutler
    4. dartswinger
      Yours is the answer I was looking for concerning the old bolt action shotgun bbl. being too short, I thought I read once that any permanent extension would make it legal. I am considering finding a steel pipe/tube to enlarge one end to slip over the muzzle (like a big flash hider) but how would I permanently attach it? shotgun bbl. too thin to pin, silver solder?? Can a piece be welded on a bbl. and how? Bbl. removable so no one would handle complete gun. Suggestions such as have gunsmith make or fit bbl. for a so-so gun I can buy for $15 is unrealistic expense. I shot it as is and it does surprissing well on hand thrown clays so it would just be something to have fun with in the field on weekends.
    5. musicman2556

      I have a Iver Johnson 20 Gauge my Dad gave me. I'm wondering how do I find out how old it it and what it's worth?

    6. OneFatCat
      Bill I have just about givin up on aquiring a civil war vintage bowie knife becasue of all the fakes out there but I would like to invest in a custom made bowie knife. Would you mind reccomending a few well known custom knife makers from the last 50 years ..I think I would prefer to own something made back in the 40s to the 70s ...thank you.

    7. Bill DeShivs
    8. fnsmoak
      Bill; I stumbled across an old message regarding the Colt's Pony / Firearm International's "D" .380. You listed a shop that advertised having what looks like just about anything for any mass produced arm ( However, wouldn't you know, the magazine for the FI "D" is listed as "OUT". Just my luck. I'd really love to have an additional magazine for mine. Have you any other source you could mention that might be a good lead?
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