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    1. R.J.
      I'm interested in buying a bent bolt for the 1895 Chilean 7mm Mauser that I have. Any suggestons?

    2. Buffalochip
      I believe this what you have? http://www.thefirearmsforum.com/showthread.php?t=122176

      This string shows pics of my gun, which I believe is identical to yours, c 1930-1934. It is a boy's gun, well made, very accurate as are most bolt action .22s of that era. Mine is in hear mint condition--nearly 100% of blueing and a handling mark here and there that you have to look for. High end value is probably around $150.
    3. brandon101
      Sir, I believe you have me mixed up with another post or it could be that I dont know what you're calling a Miroku sxs. The rifle I had questions on was a J.C. Higgins model 41 DL. Thanks for your time
    4. gunbowerer50
      Hello Buffalochip,

      I saw your post on The Firearms Forum regarding your old Miroku sxs. If you are interested in selling, I'd be interested in buy it and I would pay top dollar for it. If you'd like, give me a call at 334.797.2509 or 334.983.8253. Or you can email me at dstinson@sw.rr.com. Even if you aren't interested in selling, give me a call anyway and we can talk about your gun. I love these old Miroku guns so maybe I can help you out on getting some info.

      Thanks for your time.

      Adam Stinson
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