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    1. RevRon
      I have 2 Iver Johnson 38s&w safety hammer-less revolvers serial #'s D97189 & J3596 I would like to get an age for these if possible. :)
    2. jmorg51
      I'm trying to return a 550-1P to original. Do you have a receiver that has not been drilled for a scope mount, and the correct arm for the peep sight. Barrel, stock, and other sight parts are present and correct. Barrel code OTT July, 1948, receiver is not dovetailed. Thanks, John
    3. passinthru1234
      Hi. My name's Don. My future father in law gave me a Remington 550-1 to reblue. I took it out of the stock and sent it to the Shooters Roost. He called and said prob would be a problem with the sear and after I paid him, he returned it to me. I replaced the sear but problem still is: When bolt handle pulled back and released, firing pin will not stay in cocked position. Pulling trigger does not result in anything. Prob the sear spring cup preventing sear from rising up enough to engage the firing pin I'm guessing. Will you or do you either have any advice or know of anyone that will fix this problem for my future father in law? I'm in a tight spot here. ;o)
    4. mrbrownstone
      hi my name is joe, i know an older woman with what she says is a "Keen Kutter" rifle, or shotgun. i cant find much info on the value of one of these, would you happen to know?
    5. mr.t7024
      How do I ask a question on this site.I should br called confued and not mrt
    6. robin
      i need help on a winchester 42. when you pull the trigger you can't pull the pull handle back until you push the pull handle foward the you can pull the pump handle back. i also noticed that the button on the left side behind the trigger is extreamly hard to push.
    7. okeeemt
      het country gun smith. read a thread from awhile ago. and was wondering if you still had parts for a remington model 550-1 . and if you had parts for a marlin model 80 DL??
    8. gbrinz
      You seem to have a good knoledge of the old mannlicher 1903's. Could you look at my first post and provide some feed back.

      Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

    9. 6.5-08
      Read your post on the Winchester Model 100. I am thinking of having a Model 100 or Model 88 rebarreled to a 6.5-08 (.260 Remington). Am thinking that it would work well and give me considerably more flexibility than with the .243. Am wondering if a barrel is available for same, what you think of the conversion and if this is the type of work you can perform?
      Glenn Davis
    10. RICH1287
      Hi - I have a 1939 Remington Model 11 with hand checkered select walnut and machined game scenes on both sides. Is this a grade C or grade D?
    11. renegade
      I just acquired a nice 550-1 . The code on the barrel tells me the date of manufacture is June 1954. It shoots very dependably, but it has a heavy trigger. My question is if the country gunsmith or someone else can do a trigger job on this model. Also would bedding the action help accuracy? I'm intending to make myself a nice accurate squirrel rifle. Would I be better off starting with another gun, maybe a Thompson Center classic?
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