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    1. fuzebox40
      Heart attack?! Dammit man! I was going to tell you not to do that, it's very dangerous.
      It sucks getting old. I'm sure there's a reason for it but I don't have to like it! Well I'm glad you're alright buddy.
      My situation is still chaotic but gettin better. Haven't had time go shoot in months but I have a couple I need to test fire etc.. Ok well I gotta run, good to hear from you, it's been a while. I haven't been on line here that much myself either since the thing with the folks but things are calming down a little.
      Alright , talk to ya later... be good to yourself!
    2. fuzebox40
      Hey there, good to hear from ya. Doing ok I guess. Life got real hectic all the sudden. Stepfather went to that big gun range in the sky and my mother has alzheimer's. And just like that I'm her caregiver now. That's what you call "life turned upside down over night"!
      Funny how your whole world can change in the blink of an eye. Things I use to take for granted, like sleep, are only fond memories now. But hey, I don't complain, my troubles are few compared to some!
      So how you doin Brian? Finaly a change in the season. I added a few guns to my collection but haven't had the chance to test drive'm yet. Don't know if I mentioned, I went up to that road you directed me to and pulled off the side at the top as it turns to the left. I was going to go a bit further to see if I might find a side road with a little more seclusion but as the road began going down the other side the sand got pretty thick. Didn't want to risk getting my little Ranger stuck so I retreated back to the spot there at the top. Since I was on the main road I was a little nervouse about having more than just shotguns so I didn't stay long but I got to test fire a couple repaired guns and put some rounds through a shotgun or two as well. I could hear others shooting out there somewhere between the hills. Ok buddy, keep me up to speed on any prime locations etc. Terry
    3. LDBennett

      I have not been to a meeting in years or any of the regular events. I just use the ranges.

      The way it worked for me is I went to the regular meeting and put in my application for membership and payed the fee (pretty small 15 years ago compared to today!). I knew no one but one of the attending members agreed to sponsored me without even being asked. They do it that way so they are sure you understand the rules of the club. The sponsor is suppose to school you but for me it was just a procedure to satisfy the rules of new membership.

      The problem today is that with the huge influx of people into the Victor Valley, the club mushroomed in membership to the point where it must be unmanageable. Along with this the club directors decided to close the range to the public on weekends. So that meant if you needed a range then the only way to shoot at this one was to join the club. I was not privy to why the range was closed to the public. It may have been a mistake in hindsight or it could have been for liability reasons (???).

      I had heard that the membership was closed but I have not seen that in print anywhere. I am sure you were not rejected because you are disabled (that would be illegal!!). I would not trust heresy that the membership was closed. I'd go to the monthly meeting and ask or call one of the officers of the club and get the straight skinny on membership. I believe they have a web page (??).

      I would warn you about Hesperia. Unless you move away from town to the south you are likely to get a bit of East LA all around you. My son gets this with some inconsiderate neighbors that sit all weekend in front of their garage with south of the border music that can be heard for blocks. Then they drive their lowered SUV with bass boomers down the street all day. You can hear or feel it coming for a couple of blocks before they arrive home. No amount of discussion with them changes their ways. They are in the USA to USE and abuse it. The COP's arrested one of them but he came back. My grandkids are in the minority at school. I'll be happy for them when they move out of that neighborhood. I have not seen this on the Mesa, YET. If you get into the wrong neighborhood in Hesperia you get East LA and not Compton or Watts like you see in your neighborhood.

      I have no problem with anyone who pulls his weight in society but with all the Section 8 rental homes up here we are getting the worst of the worst. I am told that all of Hesperia is now eligible for Section 8 rentals. This cannot be good!

    4. dad2thebone
      lol thats what they tell me bout my Winchester 30-30 but it shoots and it never lets me down. I always wanted a lever action and it takes getting used to but i love it.
    5. jjhaha
      i have a marlin 30-30 win leaver action and i want to know is it classifide as a primitive weapon
    6. dad2thebone
      I looked in google for avatars , then downloaded it onto desktop then when you have it go to profile hit search and look for it on desktop or file then drag and click or click and drag. try that if not lemme know. i'll ask the whizz kid when he gets here. how ya like the thunder we have?im waiting on rain lol
    7. fuzebox40
      Hey that sounds like a winner there off that 395. I'd like to check that out. In fact I need to test a shotgun I just finished repairing for a buddy and a .22 I'm expecting a part for in the mail in a day or two. I know there's good locations around, it's just a matter of finding them. Hey, here's a question for ya, I want to put an avatar in place of that (?) but never figured out how. What am I missing here?
    8. dad2thebone
      Hey. well i know of at least one other in hesperia which is where im going as soon as all the doctor stuff is a memory.I can get land there cheap and i have the plans now for a home range that should be a kick to have.I had no idea that range was there or that it was open to the public. I go out to a nice shotgun area off 395 and blow it up some.As fr being a fanatic im not either , just a guy with guns who likes to shoot and play around collecting them.I want to check out the lions club, nice and close . I went to lytle creek as a kid but got older and stopped.I'll send you a friend invite and keep in touch ,if i find us a real good place i can let ya know and we can shoot up the desert or if my case settles to my place and shoot there. Thanks for the reply
    9. fuzebox40
      Hello to you too. Yeah, thought I was the only local here. I'm also retired early for health reasons and able to get into my guns as a hobby now. I spend alot of time repairing and refinishing. When I want to shoot or need to test fire some guns I go to The Lions Club on hwy 18 towards Lucern. They're open to the public on saterdays but I prefer tuesday evenings when they're also open from 5 to 8 PM so I don't have to contend with the weekend crowd.
      It's 6 bucks which is fine but I'd like to find a safe place in the desert to shoot anytime I just need to do some test firing or try out a gun. Sometimes it's not convenient to wait another week for tuesday to roll around again.
      Unfortunately I haven't been told of any good places near by. Sooner or later I'll just dedicate some time to just drive around the desert til I find such a location.
      I'm not a gun finatic though, I don't live and breath guns like some but I've always enjoyed the sport and it's a good hobby for me. I like a game of golf once in a while too, whatever keeps my hands busy.
      Anyway, always nice to know there's another friendly around! There's a friendly here in the Riverside area I think but I do't recall the name. They're paying 2 or 3 times as much to shoot down there. I used to shoot in Lytle Creeck for free... years ago! Guess I can't complain.
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    9-11-01 we will never forget.And then we have dec 7 now it's Nov 6th all sad days for our country. And dont whizz on my leg then tell me it's raining.