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    1. oldfartrr
      hey guy,, not trying to start a flame war in the threads,,, i to was raised around bikes my dad only road indians,, i do appriciate 2 wheels,from who ever made it,, (just a matter of principle to me) and ride what you wish,, have owned harley (never again) and a few others,, bought my first bike in 1960 and have not been without 2 wheels since..my riding style and use dictates what i prefer to ride,, and most of the bikes made today do not fit without a total redesign (tooo one use limited) ..euro bikes have a bit more open design to fit all types of riding.. i admit to being a bit opinionated on things and get a bit sidetracked,,, we are not too far from each other,, maybe we could meet for coffee or lunch some wkend,,, always looking for an excuse to ride,, i am a bit north of yuba city,,, and i have been in the apple valley area many times,, love it up there,,, did you get smoked out by the fires ??
      hope you have a nice day,,
    2. johnny ringo
      johnny ringo
      I'm also interested. The gun is worth more then the $600. I'm willing to offer more than that. Have cash or handgun plus cash to trade. My phone is 817-966-3055 Jay
    3. scott.maze
      I have a crazy question... Im 34 years old my grandfather when I was 18 gave me a 30-30 almost the exact same as yours (with the blonde stock).. I havew a kiddo when I was 23 had very little money and pawned the gun, kinda funny now my grandfather just moved into my guest house and is asking about the 30-30 and would like to see me shooting it on our land (I told him it was in Oklahoma at my in-laws) IF you ever decide to sell that gun please let me know !!
    4. dad2thebone
      whats up there? How the heck you been? I was wondering ,you told me you were a member of one of the gun clubs and im looking to join one and get back into shooting . I have not been since my heart attack and just want to shoot! let me know which one you are in or were in ok? thanks and hope alls well in A/V
    5. dad2thebone
      how you doin? I Missed the forum for a while after i had a heart attack. looks like allswell and im back on ,a little slow but im back.hope your doing ok
    6. dad2thebone
      Hey bud. just thought id see how your doing.
    7. Capt Mac Turk
      Capt Mac Turk
      Hey Terry,
      You happen to be sitting @ your Puter now?
      I have a problem with my Marlin :-(
      I think you will know just what I need to know.
      PLEASE get back with Me.
      Thanks Mac
    8. dad2thebone
      hey buddy!! how the heck ya doin in this heat? I thought id check on ya and see what the heck you were up to. i found a place out 395, Shadow mountain that is marked Shotgun on blm map and has a nice mountain backround . Cranked out about 200 45 rounds and 300 rounds of 12& 4-10 on skeet and never saw a soul out there.was nice shooting area. well just checking on ya take care ,stay cool and happy shooting. Brian
    9. dad2thebone
      glad to see im not alone in the valley here. just saw a/v and thought id say hi
    10. vinni gio
      vinni gio
      thanks again and i'd be proud to be on your friends list as always with much appreciation vinni
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