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    1. GunHugger
    2. aa1911
      I'm not much of a social media guy (other than here on TFF and a couple other forums) and don't normally give two craps about 'friends' online but wanted to add ya in as everything I've read from you is spot on and inline with my way of thinking. I grew up in central PA and did Hi-power service rifle for a quite a while, wondering if you ever shot at Reade Twnshp range or any others in that area. Anyway, take care and see you around the forums.

    3. wpshooter

      I reviewed both of your replies. Thanks for the info.
    4. Two Flints
      Two Flints
      Hi GunHugger,

      Sorry I did not reply to your post. I was hoping for scope information specific to the Lyman, since this is my very first scope and did not to try the other makers information sheets, which I printed out and have read. Not sure they are a match?

      I did contact DeWayne Greiner by phone and for a fee he agreed to send me a copy of the Lyman directions. His listed Email address did not work, so I called him and he gave me a working Email address.

      I also contacted Parsons(sp), but my several Emails have gone unanswered.

      I thank you for your reply and help.

      Two Flints
    5. jeeps123
      Hey gunhugger,
      I'm trying to fix a buddy's Westernfield 820, and it looks reeeeeeeeally similar to your Mossberg 146b (you posted a picture). Any chance you could post a picture of the inside?
      As in, pull the bolt back, take a photo of the interior? It has a feeding issue, and I don't know if parts are missing. That would probably be enough to tell me what it should look like

      Thanks man!
    6. driver1610
      About the Remington 35 cal. The letter's on the barrel are YY and it was not tapped or drilled by the factory. I would hate to destroy a wepon just for a scope so any info you can give would be a great help.
    7. afrancis
      I am shopping for a good Mossberg 46B. Have any suggestions?
    8. JB CLoud
      JB CLoud
      Saw the info you posted about old Colts, serials, mft dates and value. Very helpful. I, too, have an 1876 Colt Peacemaker NON US ARMY with low matching serials. I saved the info you posted and will finally order a letter. Colt was very happy to talk to me on the phone. lol
    9. the yooper
      the yooper
      hay gunhugger, yooper here just got my computer fixed ben down 2 weeks. good to be back. got that gun going, so far so good. put a 100 rounds through it at 100 yds or less and with old mil amo its shooting well . put 16 in a hole the size of your thumbnial. hope it dose well at long distance.................
    10. the yooper
      the yooper
      ya i have my doughts. but cant wate to tri that rra triger. i herd lots of verry good things about them.and if it dont work out that is what gun broker is for. :)
    11. GunHugger
      Good luck, hope it all works out.
    12. the yooper
      the yooper
      thanks i realy appretiate it . but my neighbor has one .just a mile down the road. alot quicker and less shipping and he has done it before so that will help. but i took a different turn.i bought a rra lower to go with the dpms upper . i will leave my colt the way it is. i'll see how this turns out (how it shoots) then i will make up my mind on what to do thank a bunch the yoop!
    13. GunHugger
      It's very easy to do if you have a receiver block to secure the receiver in a vice when tightening the barrel nut. If you need to borrow mine I'll send it to you. All that I ask is that you let me know when you will need it and return it quickly. I use it often to work on mine and all of my friends AR's. I lend it to a guy last year and after he didn't return it after three months I had to buy another one. I can give you a few links with info on all the steps needed to do this job if you want.
    14. the yooper
      the yooper
      thanks again, found a budy down the road that has done it to his ar so i'm thinking of just upper and changing it out with his help and guidence. when i get done i will tri to post piks of it. not to good at posting piks though!!
    15. GunHugger
      No big deal, but thanks.

      I spent a bit of time posting that and looking things up. Just wanted to make sure that you at least saw it. Just trying to help you out.
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