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    1. fuzebox40
      Hi and thanks for looking. Something you should know is shipping an assault weapon from Ca. is a premium. It's around $120 so I'm just calling it an even $100 for shipping. Secondly I currently have another interested party but have not committed to any offer yet (so it's still available at the moment) and lastly the nearest location to me that will ship assault weapons is a 5 hour round trip from me so I didn't mean to give the impression that I was asking $600. I apologize for my add, I guess I need to reword it. Prices have tripled since I was quoted that figure but I only meant to imply that this was "not" one of the cheap ones. I am "not" however trying to take advantage of the current events that have spiked the prices but if I take cash I would like to get around $900 plus $100 for shipping which is still well below the $1200 to $2000+ they're asking on the gun sites now.
      I want to give a forum member a good deal on this but there is no doubt that the nation wide ban will be imposed again and likely permanent this time so I know I'll never be able to get another one of these once I let it go, so I can't cheat myself either by letting it go for a third of what they're selling for.
      Sorry for the misunderstanding. You can let me know if your still interested. Thanks.
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