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    1. Hawg
      Old Grump is a member of my forum. One of my other members posted it. OG has not been on any forum we're both members of. I have no reason to doubt it.
    2. carver
      You posted that you heard that Old Grump died. Do you know for sure if this is true? Details, obit, or what ever would be helpfull.
    3. nicksmkp
      Hey I see your viewing my thread... any thoughts, very curious.
    4. Hawg
      in the top right corner of your home page under where it says welcome you can check your messages there. Once you get in there you have tho option of sending a new message. There's a menu on the left side of the screen. I'll send you an email in case you don't get this.
    5. kirstin
      How do I get messages from folks I talk to, e-mail? I had a message from Hawg, but I don't know how to get it. I am new to this site. Thanks, Kirstin029@aol.com
    6. D-Babcock
      Im trying to find out what my old .38 black powder pistol is worth if you could help that would be great
    7. Pustic
      I see a lot of users has looked at you page and no one has made friends with you, so I will. I'm Steve, but I go by Pustic. I'm 62 and I live in Florida with my male sun conure named little Pustic, and I'm retired. I own 27 guns, a bunch of handguns and some long guns. I have 2 Kentucky's and a Hawken, all flintlock, and an old percussion rifle. I got .22's, a .32 rimfire, .38 s&w, .380, 9mm, .30-30, 7.62X54R. My flintlock Kentucky's are .44 and .45, and my flintlock Hawken is a .50 and my percussion rifle is a .36. I have ammo for each and every gun, even the .32 rimfire. Every gun shoots, even the .32 rimfire, but I don't shoot it, I only have around 110 rounds for it, and they're hard to find.
      That's a little about me and my arsenal, I mean my collection. :)

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