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May 6, 2012
Apr 20, 2008
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Lehigh Valley, PA
Semi-retired, work part time in gun shop

Jim Hauff

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May 6, 2012
    1. Arlen Colberg
      Arlen Colberg
      Sorry to here about Jim.
      Arlen Colberg
    2. Arlen Colberg
      Arlen Colberg
      Jim, I have a H&R folding .410 shotgun with a serial # BF784. What is the significance of the B in the serial #.
      Arlen Colberg
    3. Shooter45
      Jim Hauff passed away three years ago.
    4. Digrebn
      Mr. Hauff, I have recently inherited a Harrington and Richardson 5 shot, hammerless, 32 caliber revolver. Scouring the websites you seem to be the most knowledgeable person out there regarding H&R firearms and I was hoping you could tell me more about it. The top of it is stamped"Harrington and Richardson arms company. Worcester Mass. U.S.A. PAT Oct 4, '87, Apr 2, '95, and Apr 7, '96". It is nickel plated with a blued trigger / guard. There is no caliber stamped on the barrel that I can discern. The face of the cylinder is stamped with "455". While my Dad has been gone over 37 years, this is something I've only recently known existed / and inherited. It is one of the few things I have that was his and any information you have about it would mean a great deal to me. I have already had it inspected at a local gun store and they have advised me not to try and shoot it. (Advice I plan on following).
    5. history-fan
      Jim, As an acknowledged professional in the collecting of H&R firearms, I seek your assistance with a piece I just picked up. It is a Hammerless 5-shot .32 S&W. Looking at Mr. Vorisek's book, the serial number range for this model does not come any where near the 272698 as indicated on this piece. If I am reading it correctly, Mr. Vorisek's book describes it as a Model 45. Could you assist with an estimated year of production? Thanks in advance, Dan Hancock AKA History-Fan
    6. JWC
      Dear Jim,

      I have an American Double Action Harrington & Richardson revolver I found in my father's estate. I have no knowledge of firearms and would like to know when this gun was manufactured so that if it is an antique I will be all set and if it is not I need to register it. It is a six shot, has a 2" barrel, and has a serial number of 9331. I have photo's but cannot figure out how to attach them to this message.

      Thank you for your help.

      John Collison
    7. dteed4094
      I've had this 929 about 20 years. it used to misfire regularly but I straightened the rod the hammer spring slides on and reduced the misfire about half then thghtened the pivot screw on the cylindar swing and totally eliminated misfire caused by the gun. My question is; date of mnfg? Serial #S36872. Any other info would be appreciated. I've just started shooting this gun since I've eliminated the misfire problem. I had given up on it til now. I now have a renewed interest in it now.
    8. steeler fan
      steeler fan
      Mr. Hauff, I'm having a problem with a H&R 949 (Fourty Niner). I used it a couple weeks ago, cleaned it and put it away. Yesterday I pulled it out and now it will not fire. The hammer will not come all the way down to hit the pin. Like I said it worked fine a couple weeks ago and has never given me any problems over the years. I purchased it back in 68 or 69, it was a new gun when I purchased but it did not come with a owners manuel. Hoping you can give me some idea as to the problem and resolution. thanks, RJ Hays
    9. Preptile
      Jim- I came across this forum while trying to find information on an H&R Shotgun. It's looks like your the man that has the answers. It appears to be a model 1900. Any idea if I can still get parts?

    10. texas_buff
      Jim - any new info on Stone Chimney? I can't seem to raise them.
    11. Zane71464
      Jim, Hope all is going well and all is right. I havent seen you on in a while and havent heard anything "about" you. Last I heard, you might have been haveing health issues. I hope all is well.
    12. seamonster
      Mr. Hauff: I saw your response to a post on an H&R .25 Self-Loading Pocket Pistol (thread here: http://www.thefirearmsforum.com/showthread.php?t=89364). I inherited this exact same model pistol. I'd like to sell it and am wondering if you can give me any specifics on realistic price range given its condition issues (finish is not perfect, minor dent to outside barrel end, no clip, no box). I have detailed, hi-res pictures I could send/post if helpful. The dent on the barrel is cosmetic (probably dropped at one time). Mechanically, it seems fine--disassembled and cleaned it and everything seems to work properly. In the post I referenced, the selling price range for these guns was stated as $150 - $500 so I'm guessing mine probably is in the $150 - $250 range. I suppose it could be re-blued if desired and a clip might be secured with diligent internet searching. Also, I'm curious re: the best website(s) for me to list such a gun for sale to the C&R market/collectors (I've used GunsAmerica.com for modern pistols/long guns to buy/sell before). I'm a private party/individual seller. Thanks in advance for any additional info you can provide, and please let me know if pictures would be helpful.
    13. Dannyo1972
    14. boilerbldr
      Hi Jim, this is my first time on, I just puschased a H&R 5 shot 32 cal top break revolver and did not know much about the gun. There is no writing on the outside of the barrel, the patent dates are oct 7 1887, may 14 89 these are on the barrel and on the strap it looks like april 2 95, april 7 1885, it is hard to see the last 2 numbers the s/n is 17441 and 7441 under the left handle, thanks
    15. ambermiddleton
      Hi Jim I noticed you had some info on Charter Arms 1st generation guns. I inherited one that I cant seem to find any info about... It seems by your chart its a 1st generation I can send pictures once I find out how...
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    Lehigh Valley, PA
    Semi-retired, work part time in gun shop
    Contributing Editor to "The Blue Book of Gun Values" by S. Fjestad, Viet Nam Veteran, H&R Collector, graduate Muhlenberg College BS Biology

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    Jim Hauff ~ H&R Collector In Memory of Bill Goforth and Jim Ritchie