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    1. Poppypaul
      I recently mentioned my problem with my Colt .380 government model semi-auto that you commented on. I gave it to a smith who confirmed it needed an extractor but he said he was not able to get one. The gun was built in 1985. Do you know where I can get an extractor?
      1. Poppypaul
        LD: Colt fixed my .380 at their plant in West Hartford, CT for free! They replaced ALL the working parts in it including the barrel. Problem is gone.
        Apr 13, 2016
    2. zant
      If you still have when I get home-10/31-I'll take them.THX
    3. lcn
      Read the very last sentance in your paragraph on the Roll Crimp in your Sticky on (Crimping). You said that for the roll crimp to work properly, case length must be the same in each batch. And you mentioned the pistol cartridges. I agree completly and did say that in my post. So why did you disagree in your post in the forum? I want the same as you a roll crimp that works properly.
    4. .308 shooter
      .308 shooter
      Its been a while since I've been on the site, but you helped me more than anyone when I first started reloading... Thank you for all your information, but I'm afraid I have another question.

      I'm just now working up loads for my 6.8spc.-- 1/10.5 twist 16".
      This will be used strictly for hunting whitetail, but need decent loads for accuracy in the field.
      120gr Hornady SST. They didn't list anything for this round so I called and got the information.

      Recommended 8208XBR... [email protected] [email protected] (they were using a 1/10twist)

      I'm starting at 26gr and working up to 27.5gr...

      PROBLEM: At 26.5 grains, I can hear the powder "crunch" compress when seating the bullet.

      What problems will this cause? I don't want to go any higher without knowing the consequences. I thought I read here one time the compressing powder is not a good idea.
    5. CBirnley
      LD, I searched the forums, however was unable to discern the answer I was looking for. Regarding the Hornady TC/bullet Seating die. I have tried to "feel" the case mouth come into contact with the crimping slide as well as the Seater coming into contact with the bullet. While my COL is correct, I am concerned that I may not have a properly completed crimp (ie., not strong or too strong of a crimp as well as how far down the casing is the correct level of crimp. You guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    6. Jackman
      Hi LD,

      Just wanted to send a pm to say thanks for all the great info you share with the forum, your post to my topics always help ,the info on the Savage model 99 is really appreciated your helping me learn my own firearms. Thank you Jack
    7. S.frost
      Hi, I have A savage model 99e .308 serial number1031518. Do you know what year this model was built?
    8. harleyhobie
      hello i have noticed you seem to have a lot of expertise on a wide range of gun topics and was wondering if you had any experience with buying a gun from able ammo online. they have a stoeger uplander for the same price as a late model stevens 311. was just wondering what your opinion of them was.
      thanks harleyhobie
    9. new308handloader
      LD.......can you help me with a couple questions?
      I am new to reloading but have now worked up a load that my rifle likes:

      FN PBR .308 with 20” 1 in 12 twist
      Hornady Custom brass trimmed to 8.006, primer pocket uniformed, flash hole deburred, chamfered and deburred, neck sized only (brass fire formed in my chamber)
      43.8 grains Varget
      CCI BR primers
      Hornady 168 grain A_MAX
      OAL 2.820
      Not crono’d but shoots .25” 5-shot groups….one ragged hole

      I bench rest shoot at 100 yards but am preparing to go to a 4-day long-range precision course in late June. During this course I will get real world statistics on my load so I can create a drop chart…..but, I want to convert my existing load to using Lapua brass…..and I have purchased it….my questions are:

      1) The Lapua brass is about 15 or 20 grains heavier than the Hornady custom brass I use…….will this brass weight difference change the pressure/velocity of my load?
      2) To touch the lands OAL would be 2.870…..I load OAL to 2.820….if I load to 2.840 would this increase or decrease pressure / velocity?
      3) When I trim my Hornady Match brass using a Lee hand trimmer, the tool fits perfectly in the neck of the neck-sized brass…..but on the new, unfired Lapua brass, the tool is very tight and actually scratched the inside of about 10 cases before I stopped……will this hurt that brass? Should I throw it away? Will shooting it 1st to fire form to my chamber correct this tightness?

      Many Thanks,
    10. tEN wOLVES
      tEN wOLVES
      Hello LD
      I thought I would give you a line, I know how you feel, I was a Chevy Guy all the way until 1965, the car was called back 9 times from the factory, but my 64 SS Impala was one of my best cars, anyway I haven't bought another GM car since, I have a Subaru Forester, and love it, I think we all get to a place that we just say that's enough, I know you like Dillon, I do too, they make a great press and components, but I think you might be missing out on this Hornady L&L AP, if you haven't tried one, see if one of your friends that might have one would let you take it for a spin, I think after you try it your opinion of this press will change, I didn't have a dog in this fight when I started looking for a new press to go along with my Rock Chucker a year ago, and I looked at them all, and tried them, as best I could, after tryng the L&L AP it opened my eyes to a great press, one that had all the things I wanted in a press, now I haven't had this one that long, and only time will tell how it will perform, but I have friends that are on there second press because they like them so well, this bushing concept is really sharp, you are no longer stuck with having your dies set up in one way, you can change things around to the way you want them, and everything is rock solid. So like I said if you get a chance, take a serious look at one, I would really like to hear your thoughts on it, we're about the same age, and so are most my buds, and just about all of them own Dillons, and they love them, but they also love this new L&L TOO, and have switch over to them, they still use there Dillons, but they prefer the L&L AP, so to me that says something, you were talking about the auto indexing, with the L&L AP you can check any station at any time with ease I find this to be a big plus , anyway Pard we're all in this together, I just thought I'd give you LINE, I enjoy reading your posts, I think you have a great deal to offer everyone here in the forum, it's all about sharing info. and fact.
      Have A good week LD

      Best Regards

      tEN wOLVES
    11. cycloneman
      RE: the 32 40. I have orderd dies, a press, and some other things for a buddie. I am going to help him get started reloading. I suggested the Lee stuff for him and that's what he went with. Looking at the dies info sheet I see nothing mentioned about black powder. They only show smokless powder loads. Is this able to shoot smokless as well as black powder? I didn't think that was posssible. Do you have any experience?
    12. Shellback
      My mother lives in Hemett Ca. I grew up in and lived in Nor cal 40 years of my life..
    13. Shellback
      Good morning, cooled down here on Oklahoma enough to go out and spend some ammo..
    14. 22dave
      I am thinking about buying the CZ Kadet. Do you have any comments on it? I already have a Mark II and a S & W 617. I am also considering the CZ 97 to be able to shoot two similar frames with .45 and .22. I do not like the idea of conversion kits.
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