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Apr 11, 2017
    1. Jakey
      I have a gun I know nothing about..it has the letter y with a crown and the letter L with a crown. Has the name E. Lefaucheux and another word or name under it..and it has 7515 on it. Can you tell me what I got?
    2. GuildGun6
      I have a Henry Beckwith Pinfire Fowling Gun which fits a 12 gauge shell. I am looking for a couple of paper pinfire shells to display with the gun. Can you assist me with this? Ihave some very nice pictures of my shotgun here on the forum.
    3. lefaucheux 54
      lefaucheux 54
      It's a Lefaucheux pinfire revolver and not a Lemat .
      It looks to be in bad shape ........

    4. OneFatCat
      I was told by a fellow member you might could help me the this pistol ..I have a picture posted on the Ask The Pros forum ...there is an auction tomorrow that has an authentic Lamat pistol for sale. I only have one picture of it that I will post and I am sure there would be a number of questions one might ask (please tell me some on the major things I need to look for on this gun) before putting a value on it but assuming it is a 100 % genuine Lemat average condition what would be a ballpark value?

      Thank you
    5. lefaucheux 54
      lefaucheux 54
      Your right, will not happen again
    6. The Count
      The Count
      excuse me? thats not the way we talk ro each other on this board.
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