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    1. marshfellow
      sent you an email... Tom
    2. binlookin
      Marshfellow: When I saw {"been collecting"} 35? years, I decided to contract you, I just started tonight to try and find information on a Ansley Fox 20 guage double. My Life long friend has one that he recieved in a trade. He said the original stock had flown into five or six pieces' the last time it was fired. It had apparently been the victom of a poor repair job before it came apart. He informed me that he bought a 'Boyd's stock when he found that Numrich's was sold out of the stock he needed? Having been a gun collector for years, and now into US military firearms collecting and restoration myself. I know the frustration of trying to find a scarce part when you are not familiar with where to look for it? He needs a original stock if at all possable and for sure needs the trigger guard. The original guard was not with the gun when it came to him? He is going to provide me with all the markings on the gun that he can find and I've asked him to e-mail me pictures of the gun?
      I'v just started searching tonight, and came across your answer re: 'This Ansley Fox' and decided to contact you. Any leads on web pages to visit, or dealers who sell parts for the Ansley Fox would be greatly appreciated as I have no knowledge of these fine old shotguns except for the occasional paragraph or two I might have read in gun magzines?

      Respectfully, Homer Bloomfield,
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