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    1. Dave_H
      Hi, you mentioned a fix to JasonW on the trigger group in his old H&R. I have a 3rd Model I am repairing. Would this fix be applicable to my gun as well?
    2. naplesman50
      Do you have a hammer, 9 shot cylinder and cylinder pin for a NEF B22 starter pistol? Lending things out don't always come back the way you lent them. I really could use them if you could help me out.
      "us for U.S."
    3. Ghosthunterj17
      Oldgunguy, I also am in great need of a new cylinder for the nef r92. My uncle gave me one Adam heirloom and the cylinder will no longer turn because it's so worn that the brand new hand can't catch it. Please message me ASAP so my uncle can see me fire thus thing again.
    4. Ricochet
      you have a phone number?
    5. Kgamblin@yahoo
      Howdy Old Gun Guy! I heard you may have some old rebolver parts. I'm looking for R92 cylinder assembly. Do you have any?
    6. Ginge Mike
      Ginge Mike
      Hey old gun guy I'm restoring my first revolver it's a h&r 732 I could use a few pointers do you mind helping me out?
    7. Kenith
      Hello old gun guy I seen on an earlier post that you had some parts for a net 92 ultra I am looking for a lifter.
    8. Russell'sReels&Firearms
      Hello Old Gun Guy,
      I've got a customer H&R Sportsman DA, .22LR, 6" SN B8113 that when cocking with a little rearward pressure on the cylinder will rotate but not all the way to lockup. Star worn some but hand looks OK. Saw you talking about them in another post. Would you have any suggestions or parts available to repair the gun? Any help is greatly appreciated.
      Russell Linch
    9. knight0334
      Old Gun Guy,

      You might want to email or private message people when you have a part that a person needs. Responding in threads appears to be a violation of the rules here at TFF.
    10. RubeGoldberg287
      Hi, I am looking for some parts for an Iver Johnson (US Revolver Co.) model 1900 .32 S&W revolver. Looking for Cylinder Pin (Nickel or blued I don't care but prefer nickel), Cylinder Friction stud, Cylinder Lock snap spring, maybe more. Can you help? Thanks, Jon from NC
    11. BlownHeadspace
      Hello Sir,

      I am a gunsmith in need of a part (NEF R92 lifter) I have been looking for this part for months and I was just looking on the internet in the hopes for finding one and I saw your post here , so I created a acct to ask if you happened to have one.

      Stephen Rhodes
    12. rhmc24
      I read your piece about gun parts, that you have some stuff you might part with. I'm looking for a few parts for a 1902 Colt auto .38acp, the one with 6" barrel. I'm trying to assemble one and need a slide. I have almost all the other parts I need. Could use a barrel too, one better than the old survivor I have. I've built several 1902s & 1905s from parts and now working on another one. I've never sold one, just keep them or give one now and then to my Son, Son-inlaw or friend. Best, Robert
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