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    1. Popgunner
      I'm not sure where you're exactly at & what's going on but if you can chamber a case with a live primer in your gun & you have no powder or bullet you can snap the primer off or you can wear your safety glasses & de-prime the case as usual in your press. Live primers almost never go off this way & even if they do it's not a big deal.
    2. hawkeyeonme
      Is it necessary to make sure that a 22hornet is sized exactly right or should I basically pop the cap and reload?
    3. lentz
      Good Morning,Coffee on?
    4. Offshooter
      I am curious about the community you described for your disaster planning. If there are any available sites or homes there I would like contact information so that I may consider relocating there.
      Thank you
    5. goldieglox

      My name is Goldie Glox and I am a founder of a new site called femme .45. Femme .45 is a site for hip and trendy female shooters, educating and empowering them through pop culture. I would greatly appreciate it if you took a moment to take a look at our site and provide us with any feedback you have.

      I hope that, if you like our site, you recommend it any female shooters you know. Any feedback you do have, please email me at goldieglox@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon and I hope that we can build a relationship that is useful to us both in time to come.


      Thank you,
    6. griffshrek

      i thought i would up date you with results of the barnes TSX ammo you kindly shipped over for myself. i have so far bagged 8 deer ,6 dropped to the shot ,2 ran no more than 30m they just didnt realise they were dead yet.

      smallest deer 96lbs biggest 205lbs

      i checked the rounds and found some of the hollow points filled with crud i did "tweek" some of the bullet heads a bit by givng the hollow points a clean/bore out with a
      1mm drill bit by hand . this increased the hollow point hole diameter and depth a bit . i can only say what a difference this did ,the ones i "tweeked "seemed to hit far harder and give greater exit wounds than standard TSX ( standard TSX are great) i am pushing the round 2gr over max loads to get the speed up (as per barnes data)
      thank you again for you help ..........neil
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