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    1. greg3rco
      Primers' face edge pierced in a little pin-hole. Loading 51.5 gns 4064 w/ 150 gn bullet, I examined a failed primer and saw I wasn't piercing them. They were failing. I was able to find a technician said residual formaldehyde in the paper cover over the plastic tray caused the primer to fail because it reacted where touching the brass, weakening it.
    2. tango1niner
      I saw your ad for the .358 dia. 200 gr. RN. I know the ad read WTT but thought I might offer these. I have 4 boxes of 100 Hornady 35 cal. 200 gr. .358 RN that I would sell for $22 a box plus shipping. I'm sure I can get 3 boxes in a $6 priority flat rate box. If the contents of one box in a baggie all 4 boxes would fit. If you are interested you can contact me at:

    3. soundguy
      Still getting used to the new forum software.
    4. carver
      So we don't have a massive thread drift; carver.. what 44 did you have? mine was of course a colt ( anaconda) as I mentioned.

      nothing quite like a 44 wheelgun to tame a bag guy.. mine was the long BBL...

      I was using a Ruger Black Hawk! I know, it's a single action, but the guy on the other end didn't know, or care at the moment! This stupid cop got drunk, and pistol whipped his old lady. She got out of the house, and came to a public place, the place where I worked. She asked me to call her a cab, and I did, but told her she needed an ambulance more than a cab. The drunk cop shows up, grabs her, and forces her into the building where I was. He froze when he heard the hammer cock back, I told I would kill him if he didn't turn her loose, he did, and she made the corner of the lot about the same time as the cab. I didn't know the guy was a cop untill the on duty type showed up. They told me it was alright, because he was one of them.
    5. Skipper
    6. jim brady
      jim brady
      Soundguy - I have an old Gun Parts Corp catalog (#25) and lists the recoil spring at $2.60. Part number was #21590, catalog #25, page 563. I tried posting this, but I am blocked for some reason - Jim
    7. Randy Bradford
      Randy Bradford
      I have several that I do not need including 7mm. What are you looking for
    8. soundguy

      looks like some naptha and mineral spirits ( basically ), kaolin powdered clay, silica and 2-3" ammonium hydroxide.


      I wonder how much AH is in 5 grams of brasso.. hmm lets see... i'll use 2.5% to fall within the middle of the range on the msds.

      .125 grams

      in a warmed, high surface area environment that is constantly turned over i wonder what the half life is of the ammonia ( and the light to heavey napthenic components).. the NC have a pretty easy to calcultate boil off rate from looking at the msds associated with their cas #'s.. not surprising since there is no wet residue left after a brass item is polished.

      checking AH.. i see it boils off between 24-37c / 75-98F

      At this point.. I'm thinking more and more ok.

      I know my vibro tumbler gets the media warm.. warmer than body temp.. thus warmer than 37c thus there is ammonia boiling off easilly.

      seems like a few minutes runtime and the ammonia will be gone.

      still lots of stuff to try... the kaolin and silica are obviously the 2 items doing the work.

      both can be had as dry or wet polishing or buffing or grinding compounds.

      heck.. toothpaste has silica.. and I've seen valve grind compound inultra fines with it.

      I know some glass polishes use clay.. etc..

      plenty to play with.
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