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    1. pawn
      wha happen? :confused:
    2. dutchdave
      where in south london do your mates live? am a south-londoner myself, eventhough i live up north now, i still go down south every couple a weeks...
    3. TranterUK
      My son is currently glued to Red Faction, guerilla. Chavs? Misguided. I will send a friends request when I figure out how.
    4. TranterUK
      Gaming? On line? Which games at the moment?
    5. TranterUK
      Hi Thanks for the friends request, Its really nice of you, now If I hadn't pressed the wrong button...
    6. TranterUK
      Glad you like them. The barrel is from a .45 1911 and was the result of a squib load, no powder. The primer pushed the bullet into the barrel and the next shot burst it. I sawed it down and keep it on my key ring. The cylinder was just an overload, I assume, neither did any damage to me or anyone else.
    7. 358 winchester
      358 winchester
      Yes I have eaten roasted beaver tail sandwiches (about like beef tounge) and beaver stew Now remember we have already had the 2009 shoot the one in 2010 will be a long weekend
      May 28, 29, 30, 31, 2010 that is the last weekend in May 2010.
    8. 358 winchester
      358 winchester
      Tony I have been in Ga. almost all month sorry for the slow reply.
      It is all the gun forum members getting together to spend a couple of days on a 1000 yard range ( also a shot gun & pistol range ) it isn't anything fancy just a lot of fun. We have trade table to buy sell and trade any type of item you want to set up for. The land owner GABOB his son Hardball and I throw a BBQ on Saturday for everyone to enjoy. Other than that all meals are up to you we use our hunting camp for the BBQ and entertainment. Members donate all sorts of things from guns to peppers as door prizes and we give them away by drawing. Some times we have something special and sell raffle tickets which helps fund the whole project we also have a Donation jar and that helps too. There are lots of things for the family to do close and some lades spend the weekend at the shops and yard sales.
    9. UncleFudd
      I have some of the suppressors at the range and the manager, Bridger Kimball can help you or answer more of your questions about forms and stamps and time etc.
      Beyond that, the very best IMHO to buy or have suppressor work done is AWC in Phoenix AZ. (automatic weapons company).
      It is owned by a guy named Lynn McWilliams. I have purchased or had several of his suppressors built over the years and they are top of the line. It may be the reason why he does a lot of work for the special forces guns.
      Anyway if you call them, tell him I recommended him.
      You can reach my manager at 1-888-727-4668 which is toll free. Bridger will be in tomorrow but will be gone for the weekend beginning Friday and returning Tue.
      I do not have the number for AWC but I am sure you can get it through the operator.
      If I can help in any way, let me know. I am not at the range much any more and am in the process of selling it as we speak. I hope to be retired in a couple of weeks but will always help anyone that I can within reason.
      PS, I found the number for AWC, it is 623-780-1050 and their add is 1515 W Deer Valley Road, Phx, Az 85027.
    10. glocknut
      I like PM messages better... but uh, i dunno? That was in Georgia, right? I would have loved to have gone to all TFF get togethers but things come up. Ya never know though...

    11. Gabob
      The Cuthbert Gathering is an annual get together for members of several gun forums. I have two rifle ranges and we shoot, tell lies and have a big cookout. Have drawings for giveaways swap and trade items like the old time rendevous and mostly just have fun .We have had two Gatherings so far. Had over 70 people come this year
      Maybe you can come next year
    12. Vladimir
      They are on 1889!
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