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    1. Buckshot20
      Looking for some info on an Iver Johnson 1900 revolver that belonged to my great grandfather. It's a .32 with a 5 1/2 inch barrel. The SN is 23. I know that sounds odd, but there it is. It does have a letter in front of it, but it's difficult to make out. I'm asking you because I saw that you said you would try to answer questions aimed at b.goforth.
    2. terry ferguson
      terry ferguson
      Is Mr. b.goforth still around? I have a question for him about a 1933 H&R.
      Apologies If I missed a previous answer to this question.
    3. woolleyworm
      Slow steady sqeeeeeeze
    4. Txquadhunter
      Hey, I lost all of your contacts. I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to fix those electronics. Thanks to a local radio station 95.9 the ranch. They did a fund raiser and got me all new adaptive rug on the way. Thanks for all you done on trying to fix it.
    5. b.goforth
      Thank you for your kind words... I sometimes get on here and read everything that everyone has posted about my father and also to read his knowledge. My 16 year old son has gotten on here and has started studying about Iver Johnson and H&R by reading the older posts that my father posted.

      Holly Frank
      Daughter of Bill Goforth
    6. BETH
      Have u heard from Josh is he ok?
    7. American Leader
      American Leader
      Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless you and yours!
    8. Iron Eagle
      Iron Eagle
      Sorry. I thought that it was your name on it.
    9. Iron Eagle
      Iron Eagle
      Wolley, I liked what you did with your 10/22. Looked sharp. Never mind the negative crap. There will always be that. My mossberg 715t looks close to what you have.
    10. 76Highboy
      Chat room 5 min
    11. BETH
      trying to put some pictures on site Josh told me to go to paint and make them smaller what size do i make them?
    12. DoctorD
      I have a 1947 Spanish La Carona Mouser98 that was givin to me, it was very dirty and had some rust. I cleanede and lubed, head spaced it and took to range to fire it. The safty is very hard to move and when I fired the rifle the fireing pin did not engage the cartridge. I took tthe bolt apart and nothing is broken but pin does not go far enough to pass through bolt. Anybody ever have this problem. Thanks DoctorD
    13. bluesea112
      Chris, Congratulations on becoming a Mod! Sam made a great choice!
    14. woolleyworm
      Thanks Gary!
    15. garydude
      Woohoo Wolley!! I like the new GREEN NAME TAG.

      Very cool and congratulations!
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