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  1. Technical Questions & Information
    Greetings, I have an antique firearm (1851 Colt Navy) that was in a fire. The fire melted the brass section of the firearm all over the steel cylinder and barrel. I am looking for a way to remove a little of the melted brass from the steel without damaging the steel. All I am trying to do is...
  2. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
    I have acquired an 1851 Navy Colt revolver with brass frame. The cylinder is seized solidly to the pin presently. I have completely disassembled the firearm and have tried using penetrating oil on the cylinder and the pin in hopes to get it to break free so I can clean the both separately...
  3. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
    Hey guys, I picked up an EIG 1851 Colt Navy repro from an auction the other day. I know it's an older repro from a company no longer in business. Is the quality good on these pistols? It came in a presentation case and is engraved. I may not shoot it a whole bunch, not sure yet. Any info would...
1-3 of 3 Results