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  1. The 1911 Forum
    Some of you folks may have seen my gun somewhere in this section.. I am looking for a spare mag for my gun.. I got a 7 shot clip.. and would like to know what brand mag clip will do well with my gun?
  2. The 1911 Forum
    Range Report: Colt Gold Cup Trophy I just bought my 10th 1911 and my 5th Colt 1911; a Gold Cup Trophy. It was selling for $999 but I talked him down to $899. It helped that I gave him about $100 in factory Federal Premium .410 Handgun 000 Buck. I sold my Taurus Judge a few weeks ago and don't...
  3. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hey guys, some general questions please, I have a (I believe '43) RR 1911 that my Dad purchased through the NRA/Red River Depot in 1962 (it was shipped from Red River anyway), also have the paperwork/shipping info it came with, What are the chances this is a #'s matching pistol? I am assuming...
  4. The 1911 Forum
    Does anyone have any bad things to say about the Ruger SR1911? Would appreciate some insite. Thank You, ol JER
  5. The 1911 Forum
    i will ask here, didnt get much response in the ask the experts column. i want to have my pistol hard chromed. does anyone know of a good place/person in or near ga. to trust my baby to?
  6. The 1911 Forum
    My first 1911: Springfield Armory 1911-A1 "Loaded" in .45. I can't wait to shoot it!
  7. Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers
    son called asked this question, if he wants to buy a lower section for a glock 9mm or a colt 1911 40 does it need to be through the gunshop when obtained from out of state? he was offered both these from a friend in W VA. the uppers have been shot up as the friend used them pretty hard. i...
  8. The 1911 Forum
    Hello members,i have a "new" high standard 1911A1 GI. This is my first 1911,i have always been a glock guy but wanted a mans gun. Not saying a glock isnt a mans gun but i mean come on, the 1911 turned 100 this year and wat better year to buy one..i know tht the HS is a cheaper variant but it is...
  9. General Military Arms & History Forum
    Hope this is the right spot for this, I have a RR 1911 and a IPM .30 Cal Carbine, purchased through the NRA/Rock Island Army Depot in 1962, I am considering selling them, my question is, does it add to the value if I have shipping and other paperwork that was sent with these particular arms...
  10. The 1911 Forum
    You're buying a new 1911 and have a choice of slide color. Which way will you go? Black, brushed nickel or hard chrome?
  11. The 1911 Forum
    Hey guys I was just in Bass Pro & I was talking to the guy about ordering a Springfield 1911 Loaded, he told me that if I ordered one now it would be about 4 months before I would get it, he said that springfield has pretty much stopped making the loaded models unless you order one, then they...
  12. The 1911 Forum
    Who makes the best and why? I like Wilson Combats. I think the hold up best.
  13. The 1911 Forum
    I did not know if this should go here or in the gunsmithing section , after much debate I have decided on a finish for my slide I have decided to finish it with flat black ceramic header paint and am now waiting on the second coat to dry so far its a nice even finish. Will post pics when done...
  14. The 1911 Forum
    Been a gunfreak all my life mostly rifles and blackhawks. Recently this compact came running. I now have questions on what's stock and what's not. Ill post pics. The trigger is suposebly done and does feel decent to my rifle standerds. Also the sites seem awesome.. okay to the pics...
  15. The 1911 Forum
    A friend at the range ( age 75 ) purchased a Colt 1911 a1 G date 70 .45acp mint cond.Fired 30 rds and said , too strong for me. I have just purchased a CZ85 9mm,new and not yet fired and he wants to trade equal swop with me.The CZ has cost me the equivilent of 900$,would this be a fair trade as...
  16. The 1911 Forum
    Has anyone replaced kimbers fixed sight with a kimber adjustable sight? I give this a try yesterday and after a lot of work I think it looks great. I have not shot it yet to see how much I lke the adjustable sight yet. Just wondering if anybody else had ever tried this!
  17. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I was at my local gunshop yesterday and they had a used Charles Daly 1911 for sale. It's had a skeleton trigger and hammer, novak(sp?) sites, and front and rear serrations. It was traditional blue with some checkered wood grips. They were asking 400 for the gun and I'm just wondering if that's a...
  18. The 1911 Forum
    I'm new at this forum and the Norinco 1911 Factory Enhanced model is my very first 1911. I have a Glock 19 and a Sig Sauer P226. I used to have a Bersa .380 Super Thunder, a Glock 21 and a Walther P22. To celebrate 100 years of the Colt Model 1911, I decided to get myself a 1911 (or a reasonable...
  19. The 1911 Forum
    Midway has a TON of 1911 barrels I can get a Swenson(roto) for 50 bucks Or a colt cold cup104 bucks(is this different than a standard colt barrel?) Or a kart national match for 119 bucks (not the ez fit) I have the barrel that came with the brazilian army slide the bore is crap and the chamber...
481-499 of 500 Results