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222 remington

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    With ammo shortages and high prices being what they are I have taken to photography to fill in some time in "things" that are of interest to me. To that end here is a photograph of 3 cartridges whose common feature is the diameter of the bullet. All 3 cartridges have their proponents. I...
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    Still searching for 1 hole performance. Measurements smaller when measured from center of hole to center of hole.
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    Back to the rifle range in pursuit of perfection. Back to the range at 100 yards looking for 1 hole accuracy. Will be working toward my stated goal and having a lot of fun trying to get there.
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    Finally felt safe enough to avoid Covid-19 and get out and do some target shooting. Here are the results from my 222 Custom Remington. Next step is to re-load the same brass with the same primers, same bullets and same powder charges and shoot an identical target at 100 yards see those...