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  1. Walther/Colt Gold Cup Or Ruger MK IV Target?

    .22-Rimfire Forum
    Hey all. It’s been awhile since I was on the forum but I’m facing a bit of a dilemma. I’m in the market for a new .22lr plinking gun but I’m stuck making the final decision. I’m down to two contenders as of right now. My wife has a Walther/Colt Gold Cup Trophy which is an amazing 1911 styled...
  2. Savage 64f .22lr light primer strikes

    Technical Questions & Information
    Hello, I have a savage 64f .22lr. I bought it brand new off buds gun shop about a month ago. The issue i’m having is as titled, light primer strikes. Usually I could handle it on my own but the thing that throws me off is it’s usually only on the first round out of the mag and only a few in a...
  3. High Standard Supermatic Citation Model 106 .22 pistol

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I recall spending a lot of time with this pistol at the range with my father when I was a kid. I've not seen it in years, but it seems to be in relatively good condition, with only minor scratches on the barrel and some small areas of erosion on the frame. To my knowledge, these are the...
  4. .22 LR

    .22-Rimfire Forum
    Hello! I'm 14, i am a sport shooter since 3 years and if i become 16 the local law says: If i become 16 i can get 22lr or 22short caliber guns for sporting. I've been wondering since a year, should i get a pistol or a rifle, first i readed a lot about 22lr pistols i've considered to get a S&W...
  5. Tanfoglio model ta 76 .22lr

    .22-Rimfire Forum
    This revolver has confounded me at every turn trying to find parts for it. I'm looking mainly for a new Barrell. Preferably 6 inches long. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Ruger SR22 vs Walther PPK Original .22lr vs Walther PPQ M2 .22lr

    .22-Rimfire Forum
    Hello guys I'm from Switzerland and I am thinking of buying my first semi-automatic .22lr pistol. Now I do own several firearms, such as a .22 lr Revolver, but stayed away from .22lr pistols since I experienced that they can be quite finicky. Nevertheless, I finally want to give it a try and I...
  7. Western Field M 75 EY

    .22-Rimfire Forum
    Did a job for a guy, super easy, siliconed a counter, maybe two hours tops, while bs-ing about guns and war. At the end of the job, he gave me a choice. $50, or a Western Field .22, model 75-EY, 8-shot single-double, a little bit worn, with a superficial crack in the grip, but it functions...