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  1. .303 british ww2 cartridge box value

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    Hey, I have a box of .303 cartridges that came with parachute supply drop in norway from england during ww2. The seal is unbroken. How much would these be worth? What do the markings mean (cia and arrow stamp) and why are there 48 rounds in it(instead of 50)?
  2. Not sure what this is fully

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    So, last winter I bought a sporterized .303. Im unclear of any of the markings on it. Can anyone help me identify what it is exactly and what I can do to unsporterize it. I did remove the scope mount.
  3. Need help checking headspace on a straight pull bolt action

    Technical Questions & Information
    I have a 1905 MkII Ross sporting rifle that I'm trying to get going, and the last thing I need to do is check the headspace. The reason I'd like to check it is because when I got the gun it didn't have a bolt so I had to get one off ebay. I know checking headspace on a regular bolt action is...