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  1. .308 Pistols St Victor, AR-10, PTR91?

    Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers
    Hello all! I am serious about purchasing a .308 pistol. I haven't shot an AR10 pistol or St Victor but I've shot a G3 SBR. Suggestions on what to go with? AGAINST FORUM GIUDELINES Thanks!
  2. 1978 Ruger M77 .308 Bolt action rifle

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Another of dad's favored Rugers - dated '78 using SN reference at Ruger's website. The inventory notes on this guy indicate ".308 Winchester" and "26in Bull barrel/sights". The scope is marked "redfield 6x" and has serial J107102.
  3. Who here knows about AR-10's

    AR 15 Forum
    I'm contemplating an AR build. A .308 would be a good rifle with readily available ammo. But I have questions. 1. What would a good barrel length be for this? 2. Where would I even begin to Look for the parts? Mainly the barrel, upper, and lower? 3. I'm going to do this over time, but I'll...