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.32 revolvers

  1. Help identifying a handgun.

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    From my Grandfather to my father which I found stuffed in the back of his closet after he passed away an old Forhands .32 caliber top-break revolver six shooter. It's in fair condition. The number under the butt of the gun appears to be 385383. Can anyone tell me anything about it. I know it's...
  2. H&R top break help

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    i have read the threads, but would like some support. The top of the barrel reads "Henderson & Richardson arms company Worcester mass patd oct 4th 1887". The serial number under the handle reads 2404 and on the cylinder, 404. It appears there may be small markings on the right side of the...
  3. S&W 31-1

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    Greetings folks, My dad passed on last year and left me a Smith & Wesson revolver - Model 31-1 in .32 S&W Long. He bought it in 1982, and had only fired 6 rounds through it. It was his nightstand gun for 32 years. S/n- H1349xx Photo attached. Any information regarding date of manufacture...