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  1. H&R .410 to muzzle loader

    Technical Questions & Information
    My grandfather purchased, and I have inherited, an H&R .410 model 1915. It is marked 410-44 so its an old one. The 410 shot shells I bought fit very snug in the chamber but there is no visible corrosion to narrow the bore. The snug fit begins immediately when you start to insert the shell...
  2. Looking for info on Topper M48 .410 shotgun

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I got my great great grandfather's 410 shotgun gave to me yesterday & I'm looking for info on it. On the side of the Gun, it says Topper M48 and under that: Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. and under that: Worcester Mass. ~ Made In U.S.A. Also, it says I 41207. I know nothing about it other than...