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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    Looking for any ideas or thoughts to cool rattle can jobs. I recently did my first one and im curious to see what other jobs look like. Pictured is my new 7.62x39 pistol. A BCA upper paired with a PSA lower!
  2. AR 15 Forum
    I live in Florida and my friend lives in Texas. I bought him a 80% lower for his birthday when he was living in Florida at the time but moved to Texas before I could give it to him so I was wondering if I can send it to him through the mail without facing legal trouble.
  3. AR 15 Forum
    I think the ar15 is ugly. That's only because I don't like the little step between the receiver and the handguard. If it weren't for that I'd think it was a beautiful platform. So, I was wondering if there was a gun or receiver/handguard that doesn't have that ledge.
  4. AR 15 Forum
    Wife bought me an entry S&W AR MPII SPORT, surprised me. Except it's the optics ready version, so no irons. I want flip up irons. Suggestions for irons? Troy? Magpul? Others? Haven't fired a rifle since service 30+ years ago, M16. I'm looking at 200 yards and in. Later on I'll worry, or not...
  5. AR 15 Forum
    i'm looking into a few options for my first (and probably only) build and i'm interested in these corrosion resistant cerakote, steel part "barracudas" by saltwater arms. however, they seem to be a relatively new company and i cant find any info or owner reviews of the firearm. can anyone tell...
  6. AR 15 Forum
    Built a ar9 carbine with aero precision epc9 9mm full upper and lower, standard lower parts kits where needed, spike tactical stx-9 spring/buffer weight is 7.4oz, aero charge handle, Odin works ar 9mm bcg and only Glock 19 gen 5 9mm mags. First issue was feeding, it started to jam on last round...
  7. AR 15 Forum
    Hello I`m new building ar`s and I`m looking for a little bit of help. I have a smith wesson m&p decided to get a 20" fn barrel low profile gas block and a rile length gas tube I went out and shot it yesterday first three shots worked great then it started ejecting the empty case but would not...
  8. AR 15 Forum
    Greetings, I’m building my first AR-15. I have all the parts except... a jig and a vice. I have an aluminum lower. I have two different home drills with all the bits except 5/16 I believe and maybe another. I found a deal online for a jig that includes a polymer lower and the necessary drill...
  9. AR 15 Forum
    Apologies if I happen use any incorrect terminology or for any lack of knowledge regarding the platform. I am new to firearms in general. Smith & Wesson M&P 15. Completely stock other than a BCM charging handle, and Magpul handguard. Since buying it early last year it’s seen about 400 rounds of...
  10. AR 15 Forum
    I resently decided to build my own personal AR and ive seen youtube videos on how to assemble and customize it. I want to start of by just having a build by myself but i dont really know if the parts I am buying fit together (work together) this is a budget build but i will take recommendations...
  11. The 1911 Forum
    If I install a patriot pin on my AR15 then does that mean that I can equip muzzle brake, vertical grip, adjustable stock, and a 30rd magazine on my AR15? and will it be true in 2018 also? I just heard about this patriot pin thing and I am not sure what advantage it gives me.
  12. Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    OK I'm circulating this question around a few gun forums. I'm looking for the most consistent results. But also I'm very interested to hear everyone's whys & why nots. I'm looking to be spending a few months in Alaska, I'll be staying in a cabin about 6 or so miles out of town. Considering the...
  13. AR 15 Forum
    Hey everyone! Check out this new product that makes your AR15 New York & Cali Compliant. Put your pistol grips back on with this product. It it not for everyone but it is a great option to have out there in the ether! Check it out! Let me know what ya think.
  14. AR 15 Forum
    Hello, new to the forum and was needing some expert advice. I have a friend who is selling a 1995 Colt post ban AR15 Match Target HBAR. He is thinking around $600 and I am thinking I should snag it at that price. But I have talked to some and they say it is only worth around $400-$500, but I...
  15. Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    :D I'm considering buying one of the GHOSTGUNNER II. I was wondering what some thoughts or whatever that people around this site might want to share. Thing costs $1500.00 and they are made to order requiring a $250.00 deposit. :eek: :rolleyes:
  16. NFA Firearms & Related Items
    Can you own a sbr with a juvenile record ?
1-17 of 18 Results