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  1. Japanese Arisaka Rifle and Bayonet of World War II

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I am interesting in selling this rifle and bayonet and would like to know its potential value. This has been in my family since it was acquired by my uncle who fought in the Pacific in WW2. There has bee no refinish, restoration or rebuild of the rifle. The rifle retains most of the bluing...
  2. Looking For A part, Or Specs To Fabricate One

    Technical Questions & Information
    I picked up a SKS a couple weeks ago for a great price. It was missing a cleaning rod (which I happen to have lying around here somewhere) and a bayonet. On closer inspection though, I found that it is missing the little doohickey (technical term) that is usually part of the barrel, which the...
  3. Help to identify

    Technical Questions & Information
    I have, what is believed to be, a civil war musket/rifle, bayonet with sheath and US buckle for the sheath. There are markings on the rifle but are faint and I can make out "851." There are some other markings on the rings as well. I would like to know a possible manufacturer and more...
  4. A Question Re Bayonets

    Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    Hello, I hop y'all are well. First, let me say I am a relative amateur. I get to the range every two weeks or so to better my skills with my carry weapons (CZ P-07 Duty; S&W 642; NAA Mini in .22lr and .22 mag). I shoot my AR MUCH less frequently. Every couple months - or less, I bring all...