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black powder
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  1. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
    Hello banks of experience and knowledge. I have my eye on a nice pietta 1851 navy .36 cal. However, as I looked at it I had a thought. Say, I had it while camping or something and only needed to fire say 2 or 3 shots. The powder is corrosive so I need to clean it but I do not want to wast the...
  2. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
    Hi! I have this old CVA bobcat that shoots .50 caliber black powder. The serial number is 970664 but can’t find ANYTHING about it. Can someone help me please? Regards, Camo
  3. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Does anyone recognize these markings? This is on an over and under percussion cap pistol which I recently acquired. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  4. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
    I am looking for help learning more about this pair of pistols. First, I know very little about flintlocks. My brother-in-law acquired these about 10 years ago and recently gave them to me as a gift. They have many of the same markings and there looks to be writing or Roman numerals across the...
  5. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
    Hello I am helping a friend get some information on this beautiful old gun from her father's home. Looks like a 20 gauge in size, no marks besides just two little stamps on the left barrell. Seeking any help for information or direction to information. Sincerely Jesse .
  6. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I'm new. My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this. I'm more interested in just knowing the date and model etc. of this black powder pistol than its value. Must be a reproduction of an older one. It was my dad's favorite (but was taken in the last few months and probably sold to a...
  7. Introduction Forum
    Glad to be aboard. Thanks! Looking to learn more about these two black powder pistols that had belonged to my dad. Will try to attach pics here. I'll start a string in the appropriate forum here too, if that's best. Thanks
  8. Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    Hi, I heard survivalist Dave Canterbury briefly talk about shooting rocks as ammo in a shotgun (I'm guessing by using a muzzleloader barrel adapter for a single barrel shotgun like a Yildex TK 12 Gauge). Has anyone ever done this? How good are they for hunting? What types of rocks work better...
  9. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    New member today, very first post... I recently inherited an Iver Johnson hammerless .32 (I think) 5 shot revolver. Owl is looking forward and there's a leaf spring under the hand grip, so I'm confident it's a black powder revolver. SN B109XX is stamped under the butt and patents are stamped...
  10. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hello all, Please if anyone has any information on what this gun is, and if it is rare and if it is worth any value? It is double barrel, it has a golden stamp it looks like of a bird on it - possibly a game gun. Has the words 'W Mills Improv'd' on each side of the gun, has a picture of a dog...
  11. Introduction Forum
    Hello. I joined in hopes of learning more about cowboy action shooting. I've done a ton of research and have some modification ideas for my new replica 1851 Colt Navy and quite a few questions.
1-11 of 11 Results