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  1. Carcano 7.35

    The Ammo & Reloading Forum
    Does any company still manufacture the Carcano 7.35? I had used some old surplus boxes which I won't be doing again - 33% didn't go off, 33% had 1-2 second delay (the incredibly dangerous part), and 34% worked like normal. Looking for somewhere online i can buy modern Carcano 7.35 rounds in...
  2. Terni Bolt Action...which one do I have.

    Technical Questions & Information
    I recently inherited and old bolt action rifle stamped TERNI; "Made in Italy" and a few other markings. So, from the interwebz, I think I have one of the many Carcano odels, but I don't know which one or what caliber it is chambered in, or what magazine fits. I'd love to shoot if if I can get...
  3. Hello from the Low Country of SC

    Introduction Forum
    Got into serious collecting about 9 years ago and I focus on old Winchesters + WWI and WWII pistols and rifles from all the major players and some minor ones. If I have them I shoot them and going to the range can be lots of fun for me and a history lesson for those around me who would otherwise...