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  1. Eibar Revolver

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    I have an Eibar revolver dated as a 1925 firearm. It is A 38 cal. long revolver..6 shot. It is in fair condition with good original grips of pearl I think. I will post pictures of several markings on it on the main body, cylinder and butt of the stock. Just would like to know the approximate...
  2. Eibar 1926 revolver parts

    Technical Questions & Information
    I've got a 1926 eibar 32-20 revolver I'm fixin up for a SSG of mine. Anyone know where or who might have parts. I don't necessarily need it to fire but at least operate properly
  3. Spanish handguns, help to identify them

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hello My friends, this is my first thread here, in this forum, and I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Ricardo, i'm from Brazil and I work for a museum in my city. In this museum, we have a lot of guns that were, a long time ago, used by the Military Police of the State of Minas Gerais". Well...