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glock 42

  1. Glock 42 25 cent trigger job, good but not great

    Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers
    Yesterday I posted this in another thread: Here are my results While one may criticize my method of pulling the scale, I was consistent. I sat the pistol upside on a table and pulled in a slightly upward (from the table) angle. This angle was chosen to insure that the trigger safety was being...
  2. Xds urban carry holster

    Self Defense Tactics & Weapons
    So im relatively new to the concealed carry scene. Currently i have an xd-40 subcompact in a crossbreed supertuck, but for warmer climates i need some way to conceal in a t shirt. Ive found the urban carry holster to be everything i wanted in a holster but i still need a smaller pistol. So my...