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  1. Well since this forum is for the politically Incorrect

    The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr
    I couldn't refrain from putting up a few attachments. See below.. I know that is alot, sorry.
  2. Genius New way to make NY Legal AR15 / M4 NY Compliant (Tier 5 MBC)

    AR 15 Forum
    Hey everyone! Check out this new product that makes your AR15 New York & Cali Compliant. Put your pistol grips back on with this product. It it not for everyone but it is a great option to have out there in the ether! Check it out! Let me know what ya think.
  3. The EU gun grab

    The Constitutional & RKBA Forum
    Hello, if you ever wanted to know how politicans cut back our rights read the following article. By using false data they try to turn their personal believes into laws. Not only in the US or Europe, but everywhere (exept...