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  1. Colion Noir

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    I would like to ask how many people watch Colion Noir's YouTube videos? My opinion is that he is presenting some compelling information and I would like for members of this forum to watch the videos. Please, leave a comment about your feelings toward the work he is doing. Larry
  2. Just saw this this article and thought I'd share it.

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    I suggest you read it when sitting down and without children in the room. I know that the likely hood of the proposal being implemented is slim, but we still need to remain watchful.
  3. Pat Toomey for senate

    The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr
    i keep getting emails asking for money from the toomey campaign. I'm really happy to respond that I don't send money to republicans who attack my gun rights!!! I urge you all to do the same if your getting those emails.
  4. Hello from the Green Mountain State!

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    Hi folks, I'm new here and hopefully can be of some assistance for items related to Vermont. I am a LONG time gun owner and the current Vice President of The Gun Owners of Vermont. I have been heavily involved in Vermont gun rights since 2013. My wife said I spend so much time in our capitol...