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  1. Technical Questions & Information
    Hi first of all this is a Starting pistol and im in Sweden so sorry for any spelling mistakes. Basically a break open revolver workshop by pulling down the ”barrel” area butik it makes lika a spring pop which shoots up all the cassings. But min e stops where it is supposed to start to make the...
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hello folks! I’m a carpenter out of Metro Detroit, love 1911’s, and have more of an interest in old military and uncommon firearms, although I’m just beginning my acquisition of said interests.
  3. Introduction Forum
    So I figured I'd put up an intro thread. My name's J.T. from Adams Co. and I like shooting guns. I have a soft spot in my heart for old guns or odd guns. I'm up to 9 guns and my girl has like 50-ish that she'll let me borrow. She even gave me a H&R break barrel 12 ga. with a stock that her daddy...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hello to all I am from Lexington Ky and just found this site I own a small firearm / prepper supply store and would like to know where I can get info on being listed as a dealer Thanks to all, Dan
  5. The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Please help me with the identification of old weapons. My grandfather got it and we want to know what's going on and what it has value. character: ELG (Figure 3) length: 28 cm 1) 2) 3) sign on the barrel of the weapon
  6. Introduction Forum
    I know I should've introduced myself when I signed up at this site a couple months back, but....forgot. Anyway I'm an ex-FFL/SOT dealer from 1996 through 2005 ran my shop in LA for the entire nine years in operation. Unfortunately circumstances forced me to close down at the end of '05 slow...
1-6 of 13 Results