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  1. STG 44 - Converting .22 LR to 9x19?

    Technical Questions & Information
    TL;DR highlighted in bold. I'm an avid WW2 reenactor. I primarily do German as an impression and the unit I portray would make use of the STG 44 pretty regularly at that point in the war. Using an STG 44 in WW2 reenacting is difficult because you're stuck with three options : a .22 caliber...
  2. Gun building resources

    Technical Questions & Information
    Aloha, amigos! Im wanting to try my hand at some diy work, something along the lines of converting a bolt action rifle to semi auto. Its less about price and more about learning, i'm just wondering if anyone has links to good resources? If this sort of post exists, please link and delete this...
  3. Colt 1911 Mark IV Series 70 Thumb Safety inoperable. Help!

    Technical Questions & Information
    I wasnt too familiar with 1911s until the last week or so. A buddy of mine gave me his gun to tinker with to see if I could fix his thumb safety. The problem is that the thumb safety is stuck in the fire position. It is an ambidextrous safety. I cannot move the safety in between fire and safe to...