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h&r 22 top break

  1. Harrington & Richardson .22 cal 7 shot Info needed

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    I was given a H&R .22 cal but need help dating and finding out what model it is. Also what kind of ammo does it use? I have used .22 short rifle on it, not sure if it can use LR. Thanks for any help.
  2. ID HELP - H&R .22 Rim Fire

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    Hey Yall, I recently inherited this H&R, top-break, 7-shot, .22 rim fire with a 5-inch barrel. I am trying to identify what year it was manufactured. The serial number 34 2X XX is on the bottom of the grip. Everything I've found on this forum suggests it is a Premier model (1905 - 1941)...
  3. H&R 22 Special Repair and Approximate Value

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    I have a H&R 22 Special that I would like to have inspected/repaired. I have spoken to two gunsmiths about it and both say it is not worth the cost to repair. I disagree as the revolver has been in my family for three generations and it looks to be in very good condition. Based upon the serial...
  4. Need help with age of Harrington & Richardson 22

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    I am trying to determine age of this H&R top break, 7 shot, 22 and model/variation. The serial number is #09276 on barrel ext. on top of barrel, number 276 on chamber and ejector (3 inch barrel). There is no writing on either side of the barrel. Is it a Premier, 1st Model? What variation...