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h&r 32 top break

  1. Need help identifying information on a rare? Six shot H&R break top revolver in .38s&w

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    To my understanding I believe it's manufactured around the 1880's or 90's. Its a 3 digit serial number of 184 all matching. And its a 6 shot which I really found interesting because majority of the ones out there are 5 shot models. I tried calling the H&R Department but I wasn't really given any...
  2. H&R 32caliber revolver. what is it? second model large frame police?

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    does anyone have a clue to what this is? it does not fit other what is it posts. i am thinking a top break second model large frame police with spurless or quick draw has 6 shot cylinder, which s&w long fits with clearance. received it from my dad. he had 8 rounds for it in s&w long...
  3. Help Dating an H&R Top Break 32

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    I have my great grandfathers top break 32 and was hoping someone could help me pin down the date of it's manufacture. It's an H&R top break 32, six shot, 3 1/4" barrel and trigger guard is not plated. . Patent dates from Oct 4, 87 to April 7, 89. Not marked on the side of the barrel so black...