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  1. H&R Sportsman Double Action

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    I inherited this H&R Sportsman 22LR double action from my grandfather. It holds 9 rounds and the hand is a solid wood piece. the Serial number is B7700. Can you tell me when this handgun was made and what kind of value it has. Thank you.
  2. H&R Sportsman

    Technical Questions & Information
    I would like to visit with a person that is knowledgeable about the H&R Sportsman , single action revolver, S/N S15071, when it was made, anyone have a parts diagram, I need cylinder lock up mechanism. Don't even know for sure if new style 999 sportsman part might work. Anyone?
  3. Another H&R Sportsman Pistol

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    Got this from my stepmom, in trade for a .38. She states it was her grandfathers pistol, then handed down to her mom. Had quite a bit of surface rust that I am working on getting taken care of. slow process. Wanting to know the year made on it. Has the firing pin built into hammer Has the...