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  1. New England Firearms

    Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun
    Hey guys and gals. Among my small collection is a pair of NEF singles, namely a 270 win. and a 20 ga. youth that I bought for my daughter to use. Both guns were bought new in 2001 and both sport beautiful limited edition wood stocks (the rifle is laminated with red, green, and natural layers and...
  2. H&R The American Double Action - .32 octagon - how old?

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum to the forum and enjoying all the subjects and expertise. Recently received this gun that was passed down to me from my father, who got it from his father. It’s a .32 octagon barrel. Appears to work perfectly with clean bore and silky action. Removed grips and found #49. No plans...
  3. ID HELP - H&R .22 Rim Fire

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hey Yall, I recently inherited this H&R, top-break, 7-shot, .22 rim fire with a 5-inch barrel. I am trying to identify what year it was manufactured. The serial number 34 2X XX is on the bottom of the grip. Everything I've found on this forum suggests it is a Premier model (1905 - 1941)...
  4. H&R 22 Special Repair and Approximate Value

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I have a H&R 22 Special that I would like to have inspected/repaired. I have spoken to two gunsmiths about it and both say it is not worth the cost to repair. I disagree as the revolver has been in my family for three generations and it looks to be in very good condition. Based upon the serial...
  5. H&R Young America Double Action 5 shot .32 cal - 1st gen?

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    New to the forum. I have an H&R Young America Double Action 5 shot .32 cal that belonged to my grandfather. Serial number is 4877, both stamped on the frame and scratched inside the left grip. I'm not a gun guy, but the condition is pretty bad and the trigger doesn't reset after you (dry) fire...
  6. Harrington and Richardson.

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    It's just an acquired a Harrington and Richardson premier 32 S& W CTGE Short. I'm trying to find information on the manufacture date. The serial number is 190249. Is a top break 5 round.
  7. H&r 32 revolver help?

    Technical Questions & Information
    Hello guys, new guy here. I have an h&r top break, 5 shot revolver that I am going to restore to working condition for a buddy of mine. It's the only thing he has from his great grandfather, and he just wants it to work again... which I don't think should be a problem. I believe it's 32...
  8. H&R .410 to muzzle loader

    Technical Questions & Information
    My grandfather purchased, and I have inherited, an H&R .410 model 1915. It is marked 410-44 so its an old one. The 410 shot shells I bought fit very snug in the chamber but there is no visible corrosion to narrow the bore. The snug fit begins immediately when you start to insert the shell...
  9. Auto ejecting 32 S&W CTGE Top break Revolver- Whats the Value?

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    My grandfather was showing me this revolver the other day, and asked me to sell it for him. I asked what he knew about and he said not much. Ive done some light research of my own and seen them go from around $60 to $200. I figured id let you guys give me an estimate since you know more than me...
  10. inherited guns

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Hello. My brother and I just inherited two guns and I would like to know more information about them. I am only interested in monetary value as it would pertain to adding them on my insurance. First is a H&R .32 caliber, top-break, 5 shot revolver. I believe this gun may have been carried by my...
  11. H&R Top-Break .38 S&W Help? Please?

    Technical Questions & Information
    OK, I bought this old pistol knowing it needed work. I have built a couple of guns, and gunsmith my own airguns (don't laugh till you've tried it), but never played around with a revolver. Any way, I picked up this gun for $30; the shipping and fees cost almost twice as much as the gun. I...
  12. H&R Sportsman cylinder catch repair help?

    Technical Questions & Information
    Due to life circumstances, I have not been able to get out to shoot my H&R 999 sportsman for 10 years. Over the years, I have periodically cleaned and oiled it just to keep it function. I finally got to take it to a range recently and when I opened the break action, the ejection mechanism did...
  13. H&R Hammerless Break-Top 32 CAL (Blue Finish)

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Any info would be appreciated. Age, Value ... Serial Number: 225 813 813 written on inside of each grip 32 CAL. S&W CTGE - ON LEFT BARREL HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS COMPANY WORCESTER, MASS USA PAT OCT 8, 1895 - ON TOP OF BARREL
  14. I have a H&R .38 s&w top break hammerless revolver and its diffrent from any ive seen.

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    Its a h&r top break model but i supsect a very early model because it dosnt have the same shape as the other hammerless and it was before they introduced the cam that ejects the five shots so its clearly manuel extraction the serial is 54 242 and 242 is printed on all the parts the side of the...
  15. H&R top break help

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    i have read the threads, but would like some support. The top of the barrel reads "Henderson & Richardson arms company Worcester mass patd oct 4th 1887". The serial number under the handle reads 2404 and on the cylinder, 404. It appears there may be small markings on the right side of the...
  16. Info on H&R Shotgun? Please help!

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum Please read the above link, after reading it please start a new thread with the required information.
  17. Help on (another) H&R Top Break

    Technical Questions & Information
    I want to send this to my brother who lives cross country but don't know if this would be categorized as an Antique to save on FFL costs. No markings on the side so it is a black powder gun with a lanyard loop with a serial number 47515 with markings on the top . EDIT: H&A not H&R, sorry...
  18. Information on Harrington & Richardson Revolver

    Technical Questions & Information
    I acquired a Harrington & Richardson 32 revolver and would like some history of the revolver please. The finish is a little rusted. The marking on top of the barrel has the following information PAT. MAY 14& AUG. 6 '89 APRIL 2 '95 APRIL 7 '96. The serial number at the bottom of the handle is...