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  1. Can Anyone Repair My Grandfathers Pistol?

    Technical Questions & Information
    I was recently handed down my grandfathers black powder pistol. I was very close to him and firearms were a hobby we shared and now i have this really cool piece of him to hold onto. The thing is, it is in rough shape. It was tortured for years by 7 year old me and all my little cousins playing...
  2. I thought I already did this but...

    Introduction Forum
    Anyway I'm legally disabled but still able to move when I have to. I spend my time either taking care of my father who has Alzheimer's or cruising the gun shops or killing cans and bottles on my cousins 80 acres or learning all I can on sites like this. Glad to be here.
  3. Hopkins and Allen 32 Safety Police

    Technical Questions & Information
    I recently acquired a H&A safety police top break revolver. Its chambered in 32 (I believe S&W) however I'm not positive as to if it is black powder or smokeless. Beneath the grip is the serial number 806 and the patent date is Aug 21 1906. It's not perfect and I don't really care what it's...
  4. Mannlicher Schoenauer Value/Information?

    The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum
    I have what appears to be (and is stamped as such) a Mannlicher Schoenauer Model NO (stamped on receiver just 'Mod. NO') full length stock (20in. barrel measured from bolt face), chambered in 30-06 with a dual set trigger. the bolt handle is of a 'pancake' flat style and is blued. in my...
  5. Antique rifle trying to find information on

    Technical Questions & Information
    hey there this is my first post. I was given this rifle with no information about it. I suspect it's from early 1900's. Anyone have any ideas?