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  1. Black Powder Shooting / Muzzleloaders / Handguns
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hello, I am in Kentucky, home to fast women, beautiful horses and smooth bourbon. USAF vet 71-77 No, wait that is smooth horses, beautiful bourbon and fast women. Concealed Carry Walther PPS Durn It!! That's beautiful women, fast horses and Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Always up for a chat...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Glad to find this forum. I found it when looking for info about my .45cal Jukar long rifle. I picked it up at a yardsale years ago. Now that I am retired I want to repair and learn to fire it. I grew up with guns with my dad, we et game as our primary meat source. After the US Army...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hello to all I am from Lexington Ky and just found this site I own a small firearm / prepper supply store and would like to know where I can get info on being listed as a dealer Thanks to all, Dan
1-4 of 4 Results