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  1. New York Laws

    AR 15 Forum
    Could my son, who is 19, buy a non detachable magazine AR-15? If not, could he purchase a lower receiver and build his own? What is his best option?
  2. Laws by state on carrying a gifted gun w/out a permit in an RV?

    The Constitutional & RKBA Forum
    I'm a woman traveling alone in a travel trailer that I live in. My friends have loaded me up with various weapons, one of which is a 12 gauge (shotgun?), in my friend's name, not mine. It's legal for him. I don't have a gun permit of any kind, no felonies or warrants or trouble either. I'm in...
  3. Question about carrying in Maine

    The Constitutional & RKBA Forum
    I live in Vermont where gun laws are pretty relaxed, but I'm gonna be taking a trip to Maine in a couple weeks for some hiking and fishing and I was wondering if someone could tell me a little about the carry laws. I already did some research and figured that I won't be able to conceal carry...

    The Ammo & Reloading Forum
    Went to Gander Mtn today to buy some reloading supplies and was refused service because i am 19. They said that that was a federal law, so I asked them to show me the law. When they could not find one they told me to call and speak to one of their firearms "experts" who said that it was a law...